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Limited Holiday Edition Periwinkle-Accented Cashmere Set

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Exclusively for the holiday season, we introduce our limited edition cashmere sets. Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, the long, fine fibers from the undercoats of Mongolian cashmere goats, our Periwinkle-Accented Cashmere Set includes one pair of Fingerless Gloves and one Cashmere Throw. They provide soft, sumptuous. lightweight warmth, indoors and out. 

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves Product Details:

  • Made in Mongolia
  • 100% Mongolian cashmere
  • Periwinkle hearts are incorporated right into the dark navy blue knit of the gloves using the intarsia technique
  • Fingerless gloves cover hands and arms up to the elbows

Cashmere Throw Product Details:

  • Made in Mongolia
  • 2-Ply, 100% pure Mongolian cashmere
  • 50"x70" 
  • Black with a periwinkle stripe

    We recommend machine washing on the wool cycle setting, in cold water (maximum 86° F), using a non-biological liquid detergent and a very small amount of fabric softener. Hand washing with a non-biological liquid detergent is fine. After washing, shape your piece and dry flat. Do not hang to dry.


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