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Sleeping under a down comforter is the essence of luxury and comfort, but there are more advantages than just comfort. Down comforters are a natural, hypoallergenic choice for those searching for high-quality bedding with longevity. These aren’t just for those in cold climates either. A variety of down comforter weights will help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all with the power of down.

Down Comforters are Hypoallergenic

Down is hypoallergenic; perfect for those who regularly experience allergies with synthetic-filled comforters. While some will claim that they still react to goose down filling, what they are really reacting to is dust or mildew. In order to ensure the best results and longevity, it’s important to properly care for your down comforter. While most down comforters come preshrunk, you will need to wash with cold water to prevent further shrinkage. Wash on a gentle setting with mild laundry detergent and cold water. We also recommend two rinse cycles for the best results. Once the wash cycle completes, place in the dryer and run on a gentle setting with two wool dryer balls or tennis balls. This not only helps dry the material and down filling, but also helps fluff the comforter up for superior comfort. Make sure the comforter is completely dry before removing from the dryer and making your bed. We also suggest washing your down pillows and pillow protectors regularly to reduce allergy symptoms.

Down Comforters Offer Superior Breathability

Down comforters offer exceptional breathability, which is part of the reason it’s possible to use down comforters year-round. This breathability is enhanced with high-quality cotton, which helps wick unwanted moisture away and is ideal for those who tend to get warm throughout the night. Even the thickest, most luxurious winter weight down comforters offer breathability as they help you stay warm through winter nights.

Down Comforters Arrive with Longevity

When you purchase a high-quality down comforter, you also purchase longevity. With proper care, down comforters can last upwards of 15 years. Synthetic comforters, however, typically last only a few years before the lumps of stuffing become uncomfortable and unsightly. You can extend the longevity by opting to dry clean your down comforter. Dry cleaning offers the best care possible to help you protect your investment and enjoy truly great sleep for years to come.

Seasonal Weights

While many people think down comforters are only for use during the winter months, down comforters can be used during all seasons. The same hypoallergenic breathability that’s loved by many during the winter months also supports healthy sleep during the summer.

Summer and Tropical Weight

A summer weight down comforter may seem counterintuitive, but it’s one of the best investments you can make for your bedroom. Summer weight down comforters are breathable, offering lighter coverage while you sleep. These comforters are often made with cotton or linen, both of which are ideal fabrics for a luxurious night’s sleep in warm weather.  Look for a down comforter with a percale weave, as it will wash well and offer a smooth finished result for a remarkable look and feel. These summer weight down comforters are best for those who prefer to sleep with more than a simple sheet while still keeping the AC turned low. We also offer a tropical lightweight down comforter, perfect for summer nights with a cool breeze.

Fall Weight

Fall weight down comforters offer the perfect sleeping environment for chilly autumn nights. These mid-weight comforters offer a superior sleep experience. The fill is kept in place with deep baffle box construction, and is beautifully covered in super soft, 100% down-proof, preshrunk cotton ticking in a classic tone-on-tone stripe. Enjoy your best night's sleep with this luxurious fall weight white goose down. Winter Weight Winter weight down comforters offer the highest level of warmth without being bulky and difficult to manage. This is because down can be compacted to increase warmth while remaining lightweight, making it an ideal choice for premium sleep as the weather grows cold. Experience luxury with a winter weight down comforter filled with CentroClean hypoallergenic white goose down, perfect for cold winter nights. Choosing the Essential Collection
The Essential Collection of down comforters offers our best quality at the best price. Filled with hypoallergenic CentroClean white goose down, these comforters are covered in 235-thread count, 100% down-proof, preshrunk cotton ticking fabric.  Our comforters have baffle box construction, invisible seams, and German piping, and each one comes packaged in a white cotton bag with handles for protection. Choosing a new comforter for your bedroom requires looking at your needs as well as your wants. Purchasing a down comforter in the right weight will help you sleep better for longer so you awake refreshed and ready to take on the day. Experience what it’s like to sleep on the Essential Collection by ordering the fall, summer, or winter weight down comforters. Find your new favorite down comforter so you can sleep better, sooner.

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