5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Sheets

| Team at Down Etc
Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so you want your sheets to be beautiful. You will be sleeping under them so they must also be comfortable. Sheets vary depending upon materialthread countweavesize, and style. Down Etc has accounted for all of these factors in creating its sheet sets.

Experience Hotel Luxury at Home with a Feather Bed

| Team at Down Etc
Feather beds are often seen only at the most luxurious hotels; however, they are also a wonderful alternative to immediate investment in a more expensive mattress as they are placed on top of the mattress and deliver an extra level of cushion and comfort.

The One and Only Periwinkle Down®

| Team at Down Etc
Periwinkle is a flower, a color, and a state of mind. We chose to introduce our Periwinkle Down® Collection to our retail customers during this year of periwinkle with some of our customer favorite products: the Periwinkle Down® Travel Pillow with Knapsack and Periwinkle Down® Heart Pillow. They combine the beauty and luxury of periwinkle silk charmeuse with the comfort and function of our down and feather pillows.