The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk this Valentine's Day

| Team at Down Etc
Silk pillowcases are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The Team at Down Etc has known about the benefits of silk to smooth skin and lustrous hair all along. These benefits are why they created the Tiara Silks® Collection of silk pillowcases and the Spice Collection of polyester dupioni decorative aromatherapy pillows. Silk is wonderful to sleep on and prescribed for people who care about their skin and hair. 

Find Your Favorite Love Stories for Valentine's Day

| Team at Down Etc
This Valentine’s Day, go to bed with Down Etc and your favorite romantic novel, movie, story, or podcast to wake up with a smile, and no regrets. Whether you’re looking for something to carry you away or to set the mood for a romantic evening, there is something for you. Scanning our shelves and the many “favorites” lists available online, we have compiled a set of romantic resources for you (and your loved one) to spend the evening in bed with Down Etc.


| Team at Down Etc

As the calendar turns from one year to the next, millions pledge to live a better life in the coming year. But did you know that by mid-February, a majority of New Year’s resolutions are already broken and cast aside? Don’t lose momentum on the important goals you set for yourself this year. With focused effort and living intentionally anything is possible.

Below are some of our favorite resolutions, along with tips to help you achieve your goals and live your best year in 2023.

Bedding Buying Guide: Hypoallergenic Alternatives to Down and Feather Bedding

| Team at Down Etc
Luxury hotels who offer their guests the Pillow Butler® experience always include a down and feather alternative pillow on their pillow menu.  You should experience the same options for a great sleep experience at home with our down and feather alternative pillows and bedding.