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What would it be like if you could, at the touch of a button, summon a Pillow Butler® who would assess your needs and then select and provide the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep? You may not be able to find that service at home, but you can find it at luxury and boutique hotels who utilize the Pillow Butler® service.  You can learn all about the Pillow Butler® service in Down Etc’s recently published, Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed.

Luxury hotels realize guests do not want more of the standard-issue pillow; they want a variety of pillows from which to choose. Pillow menus and services have become more than a novelty—they have become the new standard in sleep luxury for many high-end hotels around the world. Guests can often miss the comforts of home when staying in anonymous hotel rooms. A pillow storage and delivery system, the Pillow Butler® provides a pillow menu, asks the right questions to assess your pillow needs, and, finally, serves you the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep. Offering a pillow menu and a full Pillow Butler® service will provide guests with the comforts of home by supplying them with pillows of their own choosing!

Each guest will have certain preferences with respect to pillows. Some of the questions hotel staff might pose to assist guests selecting from the pillow menu are questions you might ask yourself when purchasing your pillows for home:

In which position do you sleep (side, back, or stomach)?

Do you snore?

Do you have allergies?

Do you prefer organic and natural products?

What size and fill do you prefer?

Would you enjoy a luxury treatment such as aromatherapy?

 A Pillow Butler® system is necessary considering the variety of pillows that are now available.  They range from All White Goose Down, the softest of all down pillows, to 50/50, the perfect blend of down and feathers to provide a tranquil sleep and subtle neck support. There are pillows with extra support such as the Rhapsody Wrap, the firmest sleeping pillow, which contains a feather core to provide extra support for the neck while sleeping or extra support for the back while sitting up in bed. There are pillows in various shapes and sizes, from the Body Pillow, which is typically twenty by sixty inches in size to provide a full body hug, to the Love Pillow, which is contoured to fit the body and excellent for side sleepers or couples sharing a pillow. There are Bolsters to provide neck support and Boudoir Pillows with which to travel.

If feathers and down are not to your liking, there are alternatives, including the Aquaplush® Hypoallergenic Pillow, a polyester alternative to a down, and the Buckwheat Pillow, which is  filled with 100 percent buckwheat hulls and used by sleepers suffering from body aches and pains, sleeplessness, and snoring.

For a real treat, consider a pillow covered in silk or cotton from the Tiara Silks® collection. Each pillow contains a sachet of soothing herbs tucked into a hidden pocket, will soothe your soul.

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