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Down Etc has joined forces with Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancer. We are using our Opal Wash Face Cloth to raise funds in support of Globe-athon’s efforts to end women’s gynecological cancers. Globe-athon’s goal is to raise awareness of the disparities in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment, particularly of those in underserved racial, ethnic, and socio-economic populations in the United States and around the world. Awareness is the necessary first step to education, prevention, recognition, and treatment of women’s below the belt cancers.

Globe-athon is a call to action for advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, survivors and the lay public to unify their global efforts in a common goal of fostering public awareness and education about gynecologic cancer. The mission of Globe-athon is Women’s Wellness…no matter who you are, where you are, or what you believe in. Globe-athon hopes to increase awareness of women’s cancer, address disparities, and transcend barriers (i.e. ethnic, racial political, geographic, financial, cultural and religious) through educational outreach, global community engagement, and by advancing research. The vision of Globe-athon is to End Women’s Cancers.

Down Etc has developed the Opal Wash Face Cloth to remove your makeup gently and completely without added soap or chemicals. This ultra soft poly-blend facecloth will delicately erase even the toughest makeup, leaving your skin refreshed. The Opal Wash comes in a pack of three. To support Globe-athon, Down Etc has made the Opal Wash Face Cloth in Globe-athon purple. These face cloths are $21 for a set of 3.  Thirty percent of the proceeds from purchases of Globe-athon Opal Wash will be donated directly to Globe-athon to aid in its mission. We are encouraging our customers to buy one set of Globe-athon Opal Wash Face Cloths for themselves and one set for a female friend or relative.  In this way, our customers can extend awareness of Globe-athon to their friends and relatives with this luxurious face cloth. We also encourage you to check out Globe-athon directly at http://globeathon.com/ to learn about donating directly or getting involved locally.

Together, Down Etc and Globe-athon will keep your face clean and raise awareness of women’s below the belt cancers. Down Etc and Globe-athon are working with you toward CLEAN:

Creating opportunities for advancing awareness and treatment of women’s cancersof women’s cancers.

Learning to recognize the need for compassionate, culturally competent care.

Empowering health and wellness for women, no matter where they are in the world or what they believe in.

Achieving maximum reach within underserved racial, ethnic and socioeconomic populations.

Never forgetting that below-the-belt cancers kill women when we stay silent.

Updated Links August 2, 2022

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