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A Great Night’s Sleep Will Improve His Days and Nights

Yoga Man

Get the Morning Off to a Great Start

There are a few things men can do as easily as women to create routines that will lead to better sleep. Ten minutes of gentle yoga can enhance his well-being, improve his concentration, relax his posture, and set him up for better sleep the following night.

He should drink coffee early in the day so caffeine doesn’t negatively affect sleep the following night. He should avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages within 8 to 10 hours of bedtime. For those with a typical bedtime, that means cutting off caffeine before 2:00 in the afternoon.

Think and Play Better the Rest of the Day

Professional athletes have recognized the power of sleep to improve their performances.  Sleep steadies blood sugar, fights germs, and keeps the immune system healthy. 

Conversely, sleep is enhanced by exercise so his time spent at the court or on the course will benefit his sleep.

Poor sleep can result in weight gain. Sleep is a factor in what he chooses to eat the following day. Getting more sleep can reduce caloric intake the next day. A study has revealed, without any other lifestyle changes, increased sleep could help people trying to lose weight.

Although he shouldn’t eat heavy meals too close to bedtime, The National Sleep Foundation has identified certain foods and beverages that may help to induce or improve sleep including nuts, lean proteins, and complex carbs such as oatmeal. Healthline touts the nine best foods to eat before bed including almonds, walnuts, kiwi, and tart cherry juice. We suggest he try homemade granola. Men’s Health offers some delicious recipes. Granola can be a healthy snack depending on the choice of ingredients. When he makes his own granola, he can control the sugar and fat and include the things likes.

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Sleeping Takes Some Planning and the Perfect Pillow

Men have trouble sleeping, too. Sleep is critical for a healthy lifestyle. He may not realize that poor or insufficient sleep negatively affects the immune system.

The sleep environment and what he does before going to bed can affect the quality of his sleep that night. Tips for a healthy night’s sleep include lowering the temperature in the bedroom, even by a few degrees. If that makes it too cold for you, consider switching from one shared king comforter to two smaller comforters, each in the weight that works for the sleeper.

To avoid losing sleep, men should limit screen time, including video games, before bedtime. The blue light from these screens can negatively affect the body clock and make it harder to fall asleep. He should also avoid drinking alcohol too close to bedtime. Although it may feel like it helps him fall asleep, it may cause fragmented sleep. Alcohol in his system may also result in vivid dreams or nightmares, sleepwalking, and breathing problems.

Climbing into bed at night should be a pleasurable experience. Down Etc is an expert in preparing the bed for a great night’s sleep beginning with the right pillow. It’s the thought that counts when you pick the right pillow for him to have a great night’s sleep since it will require you to consider his sleep position (side, back, or stomach), preferred firmness (soft, medium, or firm), type of fill (down or down alternative), and pillow size (standard, queen, or king).

If he is a side sleeper, we suggest you start with our bestselling Rhapsody Wrap Down and Feather Pillow. The Rhapsody Wrap's soft outer wrap is filled with a hypoallergenic blend of CentroCleanTM white goose down and white goose feathers. An inner core of feathers provides the firmness that side sleepers need for proper neck alignment. The breadth of his shoulders and the space they create between his head and the mattress will determine the level of firmness he needs. A firm bottom pillow and a soft-top pillow might be a good choice.  In that case, you might consider one of our All White Goose Down Pillows for the top pillow. Although pillow size is a matter of preference, we recommend the king size when purchasing for men, if you’re not sure.

If he’s not a fan of feather and down, a hotel favorite down alternative is our Aquaplush Hypoallergenic Polyester Pillow. These pillows offer the plushness, comfort, and warmth of down in a hypoallergenic alternative product. The same considerations of sleep position, firmness, and pillow size apply when selecting a down alternative pillow.

Man and Woman Holding Pillows on Bed

He should limit the use of the bedroom to sleep and sex, not work or eating, to strengthen the association between the bedroom and sleep. And don’t forget the pillow talk. At least one study has found that snuggling, talking, and caressing all contribute to better sex and a higher rating of relationship satisfaction.

We wish you both a great night’s sleep.

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