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Our pets have a superpower; their presence can improve our moods and reduce our stress. It’s no coincidence that National Pet Day, April 11th, falls within National Stress Awareness Month.

National Pet Day offers us a wonderful occasion to honor our beloved pets and recognize all the benefits they bring into our lives when they join our families. As both pet lovers and advocates for sleep hygiene, we're excited to celebrate this special day by introducing our kittie down™ waterproof pet pad to our selection of waterproof mattress pads. Like our customer-favorite doggie down®, it offers the perfect solution to keep your feline friends near without worrying about accidents while you’re at home or away.

Pets Are Good for Your Health

“An estimated 68% of U.S. households have a pet.” Love for our pets is one thing we have in common with those who may seem to differ from us in every other way. That’s why we’re drawn to pictures of celebrities and their pets, whether it’s Oprah’s “fur children” or Lisa Vanderpump’s Pomeranians.

1.   Bringing Pets into Your Family Can Improve Your Mental Health

“It’s no secret that pets can contribute to your happiness,” says the American Heart Association. In 2022, the AHA released a survey of 1,000 pet parents noting the health benefits of pet companionship. The survey found 95% of pet owners look to their pets for stress relief with snuggling, laughter, and togetherness.

In a 2019 study of the benefits of interactions between university students and dogs, researchers found participants who had watched a dog video or interacted directly with a dog experienced a decline in anxiety and an improvement in mood. As we age, pets can help us to manage anxiety, offer a sense of purpose, ease loneliness, and increase social connections.

2.   Taking Care of Pets Can Improve Your Physical Health

While petting is soothing to your animal, research has shown that petting a dog can also lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase the level of the hormone oxytocin of its owner. Pets also encourage physical activity. Your dog needs to be taken for a walk, whether you’re in the mood or not. Often, walking the dog leads to the benefits to your health of increased physical activity.

3.   Pets Provide a Source of Comfort and Therapy

While emotional support animals work only with their owner and service animals are specifically trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, therapy animals are specially trained to provide comfort and affection to a variety of people.  Therapy dogs can be “brought into hospitals or nursing homes to help reduce patients’ stress and anxiety.”

Since even short interactions with pets can benefit humans, if your situation does not allow you the time or space for a pet of your own, you might consider dog sitting or visiting a local animal shelter to spend some time with those looking for permanent homes.

Keep Your Pets Near, Whether You’re at Home or Away

If you hate to leave your pet behind when you travel or go to work, our waterproof pet pads make the perfect pet travel accessory. They’re also the solution to maintaining sleep hygiene when you have a dog or cat who likes to sleep on your bed.

Both our kittie down™ and doggie down® pet pads are made with three layers quilted together to create a comfortable pad for your pet that is waterproof, noiseless, and breathable. Made with soft and cozy materials, our pet pads provide your furry friend with a warm and inviting place to rest and relax, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure. From puppies in training to senior pets with bladder issues, our pet pads offer an extra layer of protection for your furniture, floors, and bedding at home, as well as your car when traveling. Roll them out when you need them. Roll them up and secure the Velcro® bands to stow them in your car or closet when you don’t. They’re machine washable and dryer friendly, allowing for quick and effortless clean-ups.

Donate to Organizations Providing Animals with Forever Homes

You can find a plethora of organizations working to care for or improve the lives of animals.  Local animal shelters offer temporary housing for dogs and cats until they can be adopted. Many have fostering programs in which you can give an animal a break from the facility environment for whatever amount of time you have to share, whether that is a day trip or a few weeks spent in your home, until the animal has found their forever family. Websites like Charity Navigator go broader, allowing you to explore US-based charities dedicated to representing the interests of domestic, farm, and wild species.

Let’s make the most of National Pet Day by showering our pets with love, attention, and the comfort they deserve.

Happy National Pet Day from all of us! 🐾

-The Team at down etc

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