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Tips for Gifts that Will Make Him Feel Special this Father’s Day

It’s become a bit more complicated since the years when neckties were the top choice for Father’s Day gift-giving. The good news: we can help you show him you care by offering gifts that will let him enjoy Father’s Day in his own style.

Man White Robe

Relaxing Mornings Require a Great Robe

Start his day off right with a robe that lets him know this day is for him. Down Etc has circled the globe and scaled the heights to bring you its Mountain of Robes™ Collection. Like the mountains from which their names are taken, each robe in this collection offers something unique and sought after so you can select what works best for him.

Man Grey Robe

If he prefers to step out of the shower into a soft and absorbent robe in lieu of a towel, be ready with one of our Taurus Mountain Robes. These robes were designed with our proprietary Absorb8™ textile technology, an all-in-one fabric composed of absorbent cotton terry on the inside and plush polyester on the outside. It provides the super-absorbency of the finest luxury towel with the soft coziness of the plushest robe. You can choose between the hooded or shawl collar versions depending on what he likes. You know him best.

McKinley Robe

Mt. McKinley Kimono Waffle Robe

If he’d rather throw on a light robe over whatever he’s worn to sleep, lay our Mt. McKinley Kimono Waffle Robe at the foot of the bed. It’s woven poly/cotton waffle has a lightweight and easy feel. He’ll be wearing a robe without feeling like he’s wearing a robe.

Thar Pool Towel

Revitalizing Afternoons with the Right Towel at Hand

Gifting him the right towel for his favorite activity lets him know he should spend the day in a way that will make him happy. If his idea of fun is a day at the pool or the beach with the family, consider our Thar Desert Luxury Pool Towel. This towel can be laid on a pool chair or on the beach. At 33” x 70” in size, it’s large enough to comfortably wrap around his shoulders or waist.

Ogolf Towels

Ogolf Etc® Face and Club Towel

If getting out on the golf course is what he’s been looking forward to all week, our Ogolf Etc® Face and Club Towel is the perfect item to add to his golf bag. This double-sided golf towel is made with 100% cotton waffle on one side to wipe so he can clean his club after each shot and 100% cotton terry on the other side to dry his face or hands after the effort. Not a golfer? This tough towel is perfect for any sport or activity that makes him sweat. 

Restful Sleep on the Perfect Pillow

He may not realize that poor or insufficient sleep can negatively affect his immune system. Sufficient quality sleep is critical for overall health, and men can have trouble sleeping, too. It’s truly the thought that counts when you pick the right pillow for him to have a great night’s sleep since it will require you to consider his sleep position (side, back, or stomach), preferred firmness (soft, medium, or firm), type of fill (down or down alternative), and pillow size (standard, queen, or king). You may want to take our Pillow Quiz with him in mind to find just the right pillow for the way he sleeps.

Rhapsody Wrap Pillow

Rhapsody Wrap Down and Feather Pillow

If he is a side sleeper, we suggest you start with our bestselling Rhapsody Wrap Down and Feather Pillow. The Rhapsody Wrap's soft outer wrap is filled with a hypoallergenic blend of white goose down and white goose feathers. An inner core of feathers provides the firmness that side sleepers need for proper neck alignment. The breadth of his shoulders and the space they create between his head and the mattress will determine the level of firmness he needs. A firm bottom pillow and a soft-top pillow might be a good choice.  In that case, you might consider one of our All White Goose Down Pillows for the top pillow. Although pillow size is a matter of preference, we recommend the king size when purchasing for men, if you’re not sure.

Aquaplush Pillow

 Aquaplush Hypoallergenic Polyester Pillow

If he’s not a fan or feather and down, a hotel favorite down alternative is our Aquaplush Hypoallergenic Polyester Pillow. These pillows offer the plushness, comfort, and warmth of down in a hypoallergenic alternative product. The same considerations of sleep position, firmness, and pillow size apply when selecting a down alternative pillow.

Once you’ve found him the perfect pillow, you’ll want it to last. We highly recommend consistent use of zippered pillow protectors to increase the longevity and maintain the hygiene of your pillows.

Father’s Day may come only once a year, but the gift of great sleep goes on and on. Read why sleep is important for men and tips to improve his sleep in "Give Him the Gift of Sleep."

We wish you and the dad, dad-to-be, and father figures in your life a wonderful Father’s Day and a great night’s sleep.


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