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Fall brings along a heartier appetite for warm, comfort foods. Fall is a great time to try something new in the kitchen, especially when the grocery stores are stocking shelves with Fall produce. Cooking a new dish can be a fun activity to help stimulate creativity and get you outside of your comfort zone of the same menu of go-to dishes. 

The recipe below embodies the warmth and heartiness of Fall flavors. Featuring sweet potatoes, bacon, and apples, this recipe provides a heaping dose of coziness and comfort, with the additional benefits of healthy, sleep-promoting ingredients. 

Sleep-better substitution: Looking to enhance this dish with more sleep-promoting nutrients? Substitute the chicken with turkey cutlets. Turkey contains tryptophan, a chemical that stimulates sleep. 

Food for thought: Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates that digest slowly. Slower digesting, complex carbohydrates do not spike blood sugar or insulin levels like simple carbs, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. In addition, sweet potatoes are good sources of choline, a nutrient that helps with the reduction of inflammation as well as promotes sleep, muscle movement, and memory.

This simple yet tasty dish will have your entire house smelling like Fall and your friends and family coming back for seconds. It is guaranteed to be a new Fall favorite at any family get-together this season. Bon appetit!

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