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Because You Deserve a Great Night’s Sleep and A Beautiful Morning

Sleep health and wellness are critical to overall health and wellness as insufficient quality sleep can negatively affect your physical and mental health. A large part of getting a great night’s sleep involves creating the optimal sleep environment and establishing a calming bedtime routine. Down Etc can help you make this the year of great sleep with the bedding that will produce a hygienic and comfortable sleep oasis.

If you’ve recently enjoyed a great night’s sleep at a luxury hotel, chances are good you've slept under a Down Etc comforter or on a Down Etc pillow. Whether you’ve been buying bedding for years or you’re just starting out on the bedding journey, you can find the answers to your questions in our Bedding Buying Guides. We’ve put the bedding knowledge we’ve learned over two decades creating beautiful beds and great nights’ sleep for hotel guests into these Guides. Click on the images below to see the Buying Guides and read more.

Begin with a Waterproof Mattress Pad

Mattress Pad Buying Guide When it comes to outfitting your bed for sleeping purposes, you'll probably focus on beautiful linens and comfortable pillows, but don't forget about the foundational piece that will protect both you and your mattress.  Mattresses are susceptible to numerous contaminants.  Even when incontinence is not a consideration, an unprotected mattress can be ruined by sweat or spilled drinks. Before you place a bottom sheet on the mattress, you should always cover the mattress with a waterproof pad that will protect your investment in a quality mattress, as well as provide the proper base for your beautiful linens.

Experience Hotel Luxury at Home with a Feather Bed

Feather Bed Buying Guide Today, feather beds offer several benefits for both your wallet and your sleep. Feather beds are often seen only at the most luxurious hotels; however, they are also a wonderful alternative to immediate investment in a more expensive mattress as they are placed on top of the mattress and deliver an extra level of cushion and comfort. We continue to recommend a waterproof mattress pad, but the feather bed provides an additional layer between you and your mattress.

The Right Sleeping Pillow for Your Head and Your Bed

Pillow Buying Guide Finding your perfect pillow comes down to your shape and size and the position in which you sleep.  In picking the perfect pillow, you should consider fill, firmness, size, and shape. Down Etc considers every detail in the manufacture of its pillows to ensure the luxurious sleep experience and return on investment for which Down Etc has become known in the hospitality industry.  Details include 100% down-proof cotton ticking, double-stitching, and German cotton piping for strength.

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Sheets

Sheet Buying Guide Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so you want your sheets to be beautiful. You will be sleeping under them so they must also be comfortable. Sheets vary depending upon material, thread count, weave, size, and style. Down Etc has accounted for all of these factors in creating its 100% cotton sheet sets.

Choose a Comforter Style and Weight

Comforter Buying Guide Comforter and duvet are used synonymously by Down Etc to refer to the feather and down (or alternative fill) blanket that is placed in a removable cover as the top layer of bedding. We call the removable cover the comforter or duvet cover. Elements to consider include fill (natural or down alternative); warmth rating (high or low); stitching (baffle-box or sewn-through); size; and required care. Your location, the change in season, and personal preference will influence your selection.

Hypoallergenic Alternatives to Down and Feather Bedding

Alternative Bedding Buying Guide Simply because you are not a fan of feathers and down does not mean you should not sleep on a wonderful pillow or under a deliciously cozy comforter. Luxury hotels who offer their guests the Pillow Butler® experience always include a down and feather alternative pillow on their pillow menu.  You should experience the same options for a great sleep experience at home with our down and feather alternative pillows and bedding.

The Elements of a Luxury Hotel Bathroom at Home

Bath Buying Guide Whether you have just awakened, or you are returning from a day at work, nothing is as soothing as a hot bath or shower. Once you are ready to rejoin the world, we suggest you step out of the tub onto a non-skid cotton bathmat, dry off with a fluffy bath towel, and wrap yourself in a luxurious, hotel-quality bathrobe. Add fresh slippers and a hair wrap for the true hotel spa feeling at home. Here are some of our suggestions for readying your bathroom for the best bath experience.

How to Care for Your Pillows and Bedding 

Care Buying Guide Clean, cared for, and hygienic bedding also makes for healthy sleep. Here are tips for keeping your pillows and bedding clean so you can have a great night’s sleep! 

Don’t hesitate to contact the Pillow Butler Team at Down Etc with any questions. We love to talk about pillows and bedding. We wish you a great night's sleep on beautiful, comfortable, and hygienic bedding! 
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