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Calming Music Is Part of this Musician's Sleep Routine 

Sophia Angeles is a pop singer and songwriter who expresses her artistic visions through her music. Sophia’s music has millions of views in total on YouTube and her single "Miss You More" debuted on Spotify's editorial playlist "Fresh Finds." Inspired by powerhouse female artists such as Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels, Sophia’s love for pop music runs deep and can be heard in her catchy melodies and strong, conversational lyrics. She has worked with Down Etc to create a unique sound that aligns with the Down Etc brand. 

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi. My name is Sophia. I’m a pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville TN. I’ve been performing professionally and doing music full time for over 7 years now and I’ve put out music that has gained over 50 million views on YouTube and over 6 million streams on Spotify.   

What brings you joy?

I love the process from start to finish of releasing a song. The writing process is so fun and getting to record the song and then a producer bringing it to life is always amazing to watch! Music has always been the way I express myself and I love sharing my music with my fans.

Why art?

I think music is one of the most powerful things in the world. It brings people together and it has touched my life in so many ways. My favorite songs mean so much to me and it’s crazy to think that my songs are people’s favorite songs now! I will always keep writing/singing because it’s such a fun way to express myself.

What superpower would you have and why?

I would love to be able to heal people with my music. Wouldn’t that be so cool if someone could listen to my breakup song and be suddenly over their ex boyfriend?

What is your dream project?

My big dream project is to create an EP with my new music. What I’m working towards this year is saving up to record 5 songs! I found an amazing producer and I can’t wait to work towards that goal.

Tell us about your experience/project with Down Etc?

I have had the pleasure of working with Down Etc on multiple music projects where I have written and recorded songs to represent Down Etc’s brand and mission. I look forward to finishing a new song that is currently in the works. I love Down Etc products. They are so high quality and they feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. As a performer my sleep is so important for my voice health.

What was your favorite thing about creating for Down Etc?

It was so fun working with Rebecca on her vision and bringing these songs to life. My favorite part is getting to listen back to the song and loving it! As a songwriter that’s the best feeling knowing that you made something that people will love.

Tell us how you sleep. 

I’m very lucky that I have found a great night time routine that always puts me to sleep. An hour before bed I turn off all screens and read a book while having some tea and listening to calming music. I love fluffy comforters, soft sheets and quality pillows!

How does sleep figure into your work/art? 

I definitely can write music and work a lot better when I have gotten my 8 hours of sleep! I make it a huge priority to get a good night's sleep because I feel more happy and less overwhelmed when I’m rested.

Listen to Sophia's Music For Yourself

Website: www.sophiaangeles.com

Social media account links:

  • Facebook @sophiaangelesmusic
  • Instagram @sophiaangelesmusic_

We wish you a great night's sleep filled with music!

-The Team at Down Etc

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