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Can Derrick Johnson Really Make Placing Your Duvet in Its Cover Enjoyable?

The answer is, “Yes.” Derrick Johnson, Designer & Home Enthusiast and Creator of The HouseBook Home Journal, came to Oprah’s rescue during the pandemic when he responded to Oprah’s request to the world for the best way to get her duvet into her duvet cover. A friend of down etc, Derrick shared his method with us in an Instagram reel. Since then, we haven’t stopped sharing it with everyone else.  

Derrick Johnson’s Simple Steps to Place a Duvet in Its Cover

  1. Fully lay out your duvet cover on your bed.
  2. At the opening, flip back the top and make the opening nice and wide.
  3. Fold your duvet into thirds. Make sure it’s nice and neat.
  4. Carefully tuck your folded duvet inside the top of the duvet cover opening. Do this on both sides.
  5. Join the top layer of your duvet with the top layer of the duvet cover with a hand at each corner. Give them a big old shake so that it fills out the duvet cover.
  6. Simply tuck, snap, or button your duvet cover closed at the bottom. And there you have it.

Get Organized with Derrick and Dare to Be Domestic

Derrick’s talent lies in shopping, organizing, and making the homes and offices of his Hollywood clientele beautiful in form and function. Based on his experiences, he has created the ultimate home management workbook, the house book, for those of us without personal assistants or house managers, to keep everything we need to manage our homes in one place. From paint colors to operating instructions for our electronics, there is a page for everything.

Derrick’s willingness to let us look behind the curtain at his creative process, the successes and the just-misses, is the reason we follow everything he shares. See more of Derrick and his company, Dare to Be Domestic on the following social media platforms:





Derrick’s Favorite down etc Bedding

Derrick believes down etc bedding makes the bedmaking process so much more enjoyable. His favorite duvet is the aquaplush® polyester comforter with cotton ticking, which he covers with the duvet cover from our classic fresh sheet set. A couple of our decorative pillows provide the final touch.

We look forward to helping you to Roll into a Perfectly Made Bed every night.

-The Team at down etc

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