Periwinkle Down® Travel Pillow with Knapsack

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Traveling is a great way to explore the world, learn about new and different cultures, and open your mind to new possibilities; however, being away from home can impact your sleep routine. Introducing the Periwinkle Down® Travel Pillow and Knapsack designed to let you can pack for a great night’s sleep no matter where you roam. Meant for traveling, this pillow comes preassembled in a periwinkle silk charmeuse pillow protector and packaged with a matching knapsack with drawstring handles.

A look at our logo will tell you we are fans of the color periwinkle. We simply love the way the color makes us feel, open and ready to explore the world.

You can read about the periwinkle flower, a trailing vine that can be hard to contain, the color periwinkle as it has appeared in the paintings of impressionists and symbolists, and the benefits of the alkaloids from the Madagascar Periwinkle in cancer drugs in our blog The One and Only Periwinkle Down®.

  • 15"x20" rectangular pillow with 25% grey duck down/75% grey duck feather fill

  • Preassembled in a removable periwinkle silk charmeuse pillowcase with a knife edge finish and envelope closure

  • Periwinkle silk charmeuse knapsack with drawstring handles


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