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love pregnancy down and feather body pillow with protector and pillowcase

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Our exclusive medium soft love pregnancy body pillow is hourglass-shaped with a curve in the middle. The unique design and shape support the back and belly during pregnancy, a key to a more restful sleep. Also, great for side sleepers who want a cozy pillow to hug and relieve pressure on joints. This set comes complete with the love pillow, pillow protector, and pillowcase.

product details:


  • hour-glass shape with a curve in the middle
  • filled with 90 oz of grey duck down and feathers
  • 100% cotton ticking fabric
  • 235 thread count
  • down proof
  • preshrunk, super soft 
  • pillow protector

  • preassembled in a pillow protector
  • 100% cotton in white
  • 235 thread count
  • double stitching for strength
  • an invisible zipper with a teardrop closure
  • pillowcase

  • 100% cotton in white
  • 300 thread count
  • tone-on-tone pattern
  • double stitching for strength
  • an overlay closure with 4 sets of ties on the 60" side
  • additional care:

  • The pillows on which you sleep at luxury hotels have been in service and may feel different than the pillows fresh out of the package. Sleeping on your new pillow will break it in so that it becomes softer and fluffier.
  • Your new pillow may appear flat when it arrives as it has been compressed for shipping. Down and feathers are natural products and need to breathe. Let your new down and feather pillow breathe after you remove it from any packaging and before you place it in a pillow protector or pillowcase. Consider placing your down and feather pillow in the dryer with dryer balls on the lowest heat setting for 3-5 minutes to fluff it up. You can do this periodically during the life of the product, as well.
  • We highly recommend the consistent use of zippered pillow protectors to protect against sweat and spills and to extend the life of the pillows you love.
  • Size:

    20 x 60


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