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Hot/Cool Pillow Cover

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Do you find yourself waiting for your pillow to warm up when you lie down or flipping your pillow over to find the cool side? Introducing the Hot/Cool Pillow Cover, the answer to your search for a comfortable night's sleep on a pillow that is always the right temperature.  

  • The Hot Side is a 3D embossed microfiber fabric that creates a warming effect on the skin.

  • The Cool Side is a jacquard fabric woven using a patented yarn that dissipates the body’s excessive heat into the air, creating a cooling effect.

  • The two color piping tells you on which side to flip your pillow, red for the Hot Side and blue for the Cool Side.

  • The invisible zipper ensures your pillow stays clean. These pillow covers come in all standard sizes to fit your favorite pillow.




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Pillow Butler

Our Pillow Butler® offers concierge quality customer service, from what pillow is best for your sleeping style to how to select the best sizes for your sheets and comforters.

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