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We have always been purpose driven to design and manufacture bedding that will serve to create a sanctuary of rest and relaxation for our customers. To succeed, our bedding must meet the twin goals of providing comfort and supporting sleep hygiene. The considerations that go into creating bedding that meets these goals is the subject of “Elevate Your Sleep with Down Etc,” a feature article in Master Club Wellness Magazine.

The Wellness Magazine article focuses on two of our customer favorites: the premium white goose down comforter and the essential cotton pillow protector. Our white goose down comforters provide year-round cozy comfort while our zippered pillow protectors keep pillows fresh and clean for a healthy night's sleep. 

Our Pillow Butler® Team looks forward to working with you to find the products that will meet your needs and provide you with the sufficient, quality sleep you need to make the most of every day. There is nothing we love to hear more than that our customers have slept well on our products.

-The Team at Down Etc

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