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Domino writer Rebecca Deczynski spoke with hospitality experts to answer the question, "What Makes Hotel Beds So Great, Anyway?" She found a good mattress and comfortable bedding are what it takes to create the "dreamy experience" of a fabulous hotel bed at home. When it comes to pillows, "one of the most personal components" of the bedding set, most hotels offer a down and feather combination, which is popular with the majority of guests. The Hoxton relies on Down Etc's down and feather pillows, which Associate Director of Design Megan Gibbons describes as "Not too firm, not too soft—so they're comfortable for all." There is nothing we appreciate more than hearing our client's guests are getting a great night's sleep on our pillows. 

Domino offers a guide for creating "a stylish life and home" with articles on design, lifestyle, and wellness. Sufficient, quality sleep is essential to overall health and wellness. That's why Down Etc focuses on helping our customers create the perfect sleep oasis with our pillows and bedding, whether it is in their hotels or in their homes.

We wish you a great night's sleep.

-The Team at Down Etc

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