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Keep the Dirt Outside and the Cozy Inside

The tradition of exchanging one’s outdoor shoes for slippers upon entering the home is widely followed in other countries around the world. Although it may not yet be considered a custom in the United States, more and more people are adopting the habit of leaving their shoes at the door. We wholeheartedly support this custom for health and hygiene reasons, as well as for the comforting feeling that changing into slippers provides.

1. Keep the Dirt Outside

Look at what you step over, around, and in as you walk down the street, across the yard, or from the parking lot into your building. You probably wouldn’t want to track any of that into your home. While you would never walk through your home and into your kitchen or bedroom wearing muddy shoes, what you can’t see might pose an even greater health risk. When the bottoms of shoes were swabbed, they tested positive for all kinds of bacteria, including E. coli. Leaving outside shoes at the door minimizes that concern.

2. Cue Your Brain that Your Home

Leaving your outside shoes at the door demarcates your domestic space and recognizes that you’ve arrived at the oasis of your home. Like Mr. Rogers changing from his street shoes to his sneakers, putting on slippers creates a ritual for arriving home. Routines can be relaxing, which is why many of our articles suggest bedtime routines to encourage falling asleep.

3. Make Visitors Feel Comfortable

Asking someone to remove their shoes can be off-putting, particularly if they’re unprepared for such a request. You can ask guests to remove their shoes without leaving them feeling barefooted by keeping socks or slippers handy. Our hotel quality, one-time-use, cotton plush Closed Toe Slide Slippers are made with a white plush upper and a gray microsuede sole with nonskid dots. They’re packaged in individual poly bags so they’re fresh for you and your guests. Be sure to keep a variety of sizes to fit men, women, and children. Let the kids choose between our cheetah and zebra print Closed Toe Slide Slippers. Keep them by your front door for an easy and comfortable shoe swap.

4. Treat Your Overnight Guests 

Along with some extra amenities in the bathroom, we suggest leaving a fresh pair of our one-time-use slippers out for your overnight guests. Chances are good they’ll have forgotten to bring their own. Consider giving them a special treat by placing a Good Morning-Good Night Turndown Mat and a pair of one-time-use slippers by the side of the bed for a true hotel experience. Another option is to provide your guests with a pair of our Cashmere Ribbed Bed Socks. They’re a perfect cozy gift for them to wear during their stay, as well as to take home to remember their visit.

5. Signal an Occasion

On your way to a special occasion? Our one-time-use hotel slippers are the perfect bridal party favor when everyone is ready to kick off their wedding shoes for something cozy and comfortable without risking bare feet on the dance floor. Our Cheers! Celebration Slide Slippers have two clinking champagne glasses embroidered on the top of our best-selling cotton plush slippers. For the couple, choose the same slipper embroidered with “Eat, Drink & Be Married.” We promise their feet will thank you.

Free yourself from worrying about what might be tracked into the house over the holidays by placing a basket of our hotel-quality slide slippers by your front door for friends and family who visit. Then, get on with the celebrations!

-The Team at Down Etc


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