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Join Down Etc on the journey to conscious luxury with its D.O.E. Down On Earth collection of organically grown and sustainably manufactured bedding products and amenities. The D.O.E. collection contains everything you need to enjoy the comfort of luxurious bedding in a healthy and socially responsible way. From comforters containing 100% natural and hypoallergenic down and feather fill to sheets made from 100% certified organic cotton, we have searched the world for the healthiest and most sustainable products and processes so we can provide you with the quality bedding and amenities to which you are accustomed in the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Our Eco-Friendly Commitment

You would never know how many steps were involved in achieving the D.O.E. level of conscious luxury.  Down Etc instills eco-friendly practices with our factory in China and works with suppliers worldwide that are selected based on a strict audit of environmentally and socially responsible practices.  To transport our products to our clients, Down Etc participates in Transneutral, a logistics program offering carbon canceling credits to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions produced through domestic trucking.

D.O.E. Comforters: The down and feather fill is 100% natural and has been subjected to the CentroClean™ process to ensure removal of contaminants. The certified organic cotton woven into the down-proof fabric ticking is grown free of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modifications and nothing is added other than non-chlorine whitening, azo-free dye, and formaldehyde-free sizing to ensure your guests’ experiences are all natural. 

D.O.E. Sheets: Like the comforters, the fabric used in the bed sheets is made with certified organic cotton woven in percale, jacquard, mattelasse, patterned, and knit styles.

D.O.E. Cotton and Silk Towels:  Manufactured with the perfect combination of 100% organic cotton and silk fibers, our Wash Me Tender™ Silk and Organic Cotton Towel Sets are soft and gentle for sensitive skin.

Let Down Etc Help

We sleep better knowing we are doing what we can to take care of the environment while offering you luxurious products to let you have a great night’s sleep™. Whether you are looking to take the first step or you are continuing a tradition of using healthy and sustainable products, we are here to help.  Join us on the journey to conscious luxury from seed to sleep™.

Updated August 1, 2022

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