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Summer Fun, Can We Still Find It?

When I was a kid, summer meant playing outside with my brothers until my Mom called us in for dinner. She stepped out the front door and, quite literally, called our names until we came running. Since becoming a parent, I have wondered at both the extent of our freedom and how we managed to survive unscathed. That times change has become most evident in this year of COVID-19 when the phrase, “Be careful,” has new meaning and every communication ends with, “Stay well.”  While summer’s freedom still exists, it requires some extra effort to enjoy.

Swimming Is Still an Option

An recent article in Slate addresses the issues to be considered when deciding whether and where to go swimming. Safety requirements for pools are the same as for other outdoor recreation areas. You need to pay attention to your surroundings and to the other people at the pool. With respect to the water itself, the author cites a study in the Water Research journal finding that coronaviruses are unstable in chlorine and waterborne transmission of coronaviruses has not been demonstrated in humans. The concern is crowds. The space to spread out afforded by a beach or lake might make a less worry-filled option. If your kids are small, sprinklers are still an option. Like everything, sprinklers aren’t what they used to be, they’ve become way more elaborate with all kinds of bells and whistles. Bottom line, you need a hose and a bit of space for some close-to-home fun.

Down Etc can help you to maintain your personal space in a fun, non-confrontational way with its unique Round Towel Poncho. These round towels are crafted in Down Etc’s Absorb8® all-in-one fabric composed of cotton terry on the inside and plush polyester on the outside. A favorite before social distancing became a thing, when placed on the ground, this 60” in diameter round towel poncho is a perfectly subtle means of creating your own space. When you’re ready to dry off and head home, simply pick up the towel and toss it over your head as the perfect cover up. 

Golfing Goes On (and On)

Although I am not a golfer, agreeing it is a sure way to ruin a nice walk, I do know one who has managed to golf through most of the pandemic. Last spring, golf.com reviewed the existing studies to provide golfers with the bottom line on golfing in the time of COVID-19. The number one rule is to maintain social distancing. Golfers, like everyone leaving home, should be prepared with a mask for the unavoidable instances when social distancing becomes impossible. These moments are most likely when they are arriving at or departing from the golf course and during drinks and meals before and after the game. In addition to social distancing and face masks, golfers should avoid sharing clubs, balls, carts, flagsticks, or towels.

Down Etc has created the Mask Etc™ face mask, a comfortable solution for the times when you cannot social distance. The Mask Etc™ face mask is composed of a copper infused outer layer, a soft cotton inner layer, and a pocket for a non-woven carbon filter insert. Combine it with the Headbands Etc™ headband to keep it in place when you must wear a mask for extended periods of riding in a golf cart.

Running or Walking

It is still safe to run outside. Runners World advises runners to be aware of any stay-at-home restrictions that may be in place in their areas. If you will be running where you won’t be near anyone else, you need not wear a face mask; however, you should bring one along in the event you end up in a situation where there are other people around. Take into consideration the fact that face masks do not provide 100% protection, particularly when they are wet from sweat or saliva, in deciding where and when you walk or run. As with any activity outside your home, refrain from touching or sharing items such as traffic buttons or water bottles.

Down Etc’s Sonoran Desert Gym Towel  is a hotel workout room favorite. This 100% terry towel is the perfect size and weight for a runner or walker to carry or to throw around their neck.

Cycling Outside or In

Dedicated cyclists did not let the pandemic stop them from cycling. Even when spinning classes were canceled, they found a way to cycle and to do so together. Those with Pelotons continued to ride. Those with only their road bikes went virtual with Zwift, an online gaming platform dedicated to indoor cycling. In October of last year, Bicycling.com described Zwift as “Mario Kart on bikes, but with more sweat and fewer talking creatures.” Connecting using an app, each rider creates an avatar. The rider will see their avatar, as well as the avatars of anyone else riding on the same course at the same time. As in real life, a rider can slow down to wait for others who have fallen behind or speed up to overtake another rider. They can also text chat while they ride.

If riding means the road, the same considerations that go into running should be applied. According to Bicycling.com, “The best plan for riding right now is to go out, ride solo, enjoy the outdoors in open areas, and try timing your rides for when you know your route will be less crowded.”

Relaxing After (or Instead of) Outdoor Activities

After you’ve finished your summer fun, or in the event outdoor activity has never been your thing and the bathtub is as close as you plan to come to a body of water until this is over, we recommend you social distance yourself from your family with some of Down Etc’s spa products.  Fill up the tub and light our Seda France's Japanese Quince Candle. It provides 60 hours of candlelight and a crisp apple and pear scent of quince. Pull your hair back with a Spa Head Band or Heart Twist® Head Wrap and rest your head on the Terry Tub Pillow. Whichever way you do it, celebrate your summer fun and get a great night’s sleep with Down Etc.

Note: As the situation is constantly changing, be sure to check sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) regularly.

Updated Links July 31, 2022

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