Introducing the new Down Etc Travel Collection  

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking; we are now cruising at the height of luxury and at the speed of a great night’s sleep. 

Traveling can be fun and exciting. It is a great way to explore the world, learn about new and different cultures, and open your mind to new possibilities. But despite the fun, being away from home can impact your sleep routine. Below are new products designed to ensure you get a great night's sleep at home and on the road.

girls wrapped in pillowtogo


It’s a cushion, it’s a pillow, it’s a throw! With the Pillowtogo™ luxury and comfort can be found in any setting. This product makes a great travel companion, provides a fun and vibrant throw, and ensures we get a great night’s sleep.

Great things come in small packages and the Down Etc Pillowtogo is no exception. The Pillowtogo delivers luxurious comfort in any setting, transforming from a cushion, to a pillow, and even a throw. The exterior fabric is a soft and cozy quilted nylon polyester and the Aquaplush fill is a hypoallergenic down alternative that provides ultimate comfort. Choose your favorite color and express your bold and vibrant personality at home or while traveling.

No matter where you are across the globe, with the Eyes Down Eye Mask, you can turn off the world, turn on your inner peacefulness, and embrace a great night’s sleep.  

eye masks

Eyes Down® Eye Mask  

Just because you’re asleep, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a splash of color to your life. Choose from our favorites including Sunshine Yellow, Blue Azure and Fuchsia to liven up any air plane cabin, hotel or your own comfy bed. The front is made of polyester in vibrant colors, while the back is 100% Silk Charmeuse in deep sleep black, providing a soothing touch and the perfect light-blocking solid background to ensure you slip off to a tranquil sleep. 

Vibrant, high-quality Eyes Down Eye Mask featuring a front panel crafted from polyester in fun and vibrant colors, while the back is made from high-quality black silk charmeuse, designed to help you get a great night’s sleep at home, on the road, or abroad.

Each Eyes Down Eye Mask is wrapped in an Organza Bag with drawstring closure and jade bead, providing a stylish way to take a great night’s sleep with you no matter where you may Ready. Jet. GO.

head heaven color travel pillows

Head Heaven® Travel Pillow

Now introducing the new Head Heaven® Travel Pillow and Knapsack, so you can pack a great night’s sleep no matter where you may roam. Choose from three unique colors – each with it’s own personality sure to communicate your personal brand to the world. On your next trip, don’t forget to pack luxury – pack your down etc Head Heaven Travel Pillow.

Travel is great, until you get stuck with an uncomfortable pillow while on a business trip, an international flight, or closer to home while you are visiting a friend or loved one. Never sleep on an uncomfortable pillow again, as the Head Heaven® travel pillow this is the perfect size to accompany you on any trip – near or far. The pillow is filled with high-quality Aquaplush, hypoallergenic fill and comes with a convenient and stylish polyester knapsack with drawstring handles. 

We love to travel, but we do not like to sacrifice our sleep due to questionable pillows. When at home we sleep on the super soft, luxurious down etc. bedding. So when we're on the road, we want nothing less. With the Head Heaven Travel Pillow and Knapsack, this diva has created a product that allows you to enjoy the luxuries and comfort of home, even when on the road.

Updated Links August 3, 2022