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By Wendy Levy

Waking within the cloud of my Down Etc comforter, I arise
to a delicious morning ritual—an indulgence, really—Ginger, 
Jujube Red Dates & Goji Berry* Tea! 
A traditional Chinese tea, it is perfect for the Chinese New Year.
The ingredients are simple: water, fresh ginger, goji berries, and jujube fruit (also known as Chinese dates). Full of vitamins and minerals and a good source of antioxidants.
Jack has put on the kettle and cut the ginger into slices for me.
He brings me the tea before I rise from the bed.
How did I get so lucky?
It is a simple process. Simmer a few slices of fresh ginger in two to three cups of water for ten to fifteen minutes. Simmering longer increases the spiciness of the tea. Turn off the heat. Add one or two tablespoons of goji berries and
two to four jujubes. Steep at least ten minutes.
The soft goji berries and jujubes can be eaten as you drink the tea, 
but only the soft clouds of fruit. Be careful to avoid the jujubes’ pits.  
Satiated, I toss off my comforter and step out of bed.
I give it a shake and watch as it lands.
An easy way to make the bed, and
a wonderful way to start my day. 
*Goji berries and Jujube dates may interact with certain medications and pregnant women should exercise caution.
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