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If you fail to properly appoint your bed, it might not be as conducive to a great night’s sleep as it could be. You want it to be inviting and cozy so that you can relax and forget the worries and stresses of the day. Here are just a few considerations for creating a cozy bed setup.

A Good Foundation
Invest in a mattress since this is the base for a great night’s sleep. Don't skimp on cost here! More than likely, you'll keep your mattress for 8-10 years, so even if you spend $1,000 on it, you're really spending about $100 each year for the perfect night of sleep. Sounds worthwhile, doesn't it? You should begin by trying out mattresses to see whether you prefer coils, pillow top, memory foam, or something else. Don’t give up if now isn’t the time to invest in a new mattress.  Hope is not lost.  A vast difference can be made with items such as feather beds and mattress pads, which go on top of the mattress to provide additional cushion and comfort. 

Layers of Linens
Cheap linens aren’t actually that much less expensive than good quality ones, and you'll need to replace them sooner. So, you might as well splurge on those high-thread-count, cotton beauties you've been eyeing.  And get yourself a real down comforter, as well. Nothing will make your bed look as cozy and inviting as fluffy down. For easy care, consider a comforter protector.  It’s far easier to launder a removable protector than an entire comforter.  You can also purchase a comforter cover to coordinate with the design of your bedroom.

Piles of Pillows
You don't necessarily need a mountain of pillows to make your bed cozy, but you should have an assortment for the sake of comfort. Start with your sleeping pillow.  It is important to test a few to find the one that works best for your needs.  Check out previous blogs in which we give you tips for picking the perfect sleeping pillow. Whether you choose a natural fill pillow (down or feather) or a down alternative (sponge, foam, or gel), having a variety of textures, weights, shapes, and sizes will ensure you have all the padding you need to get comfortable whether you’re reading, relaxing, or sleeping in bed.

Mood Lighting
Technically, this isn't part of your bedding, but it can make a big difference in how cozy, inviting, and sleep-inducing your bedroom. Overhead lighting or sconces on a dimmer switch would be ideal, but you might also want to think about bedside lamps or even fairy lights strung overhead. With the perfect lighting, you’ll create a soothing atmosphere.

Consider natural and organic room sprays with no chemicals to spray on your sheets in scents like lavender to calm or jasmine to excite. Pillow sachets are lovely. Powders exist, too. Just sprinkle them in the sheets. They smell good, make the sheets silky, and mask pet orders between washings.

Electronics Are a No-No
For a great night’s sleep, keep phones, tablets, laptops and TV out of the bedroom. Instead, enjoy a book, meditation, or music to help you clam your senses and get ready for a great night’s sleep.

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