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You spend a third of your life sleeping. Why not make it count?

Every night when we close our eyes, we surrender our consciousness to an impenetrable realm of ephemeral dreams. Then, as if by magic, we emerge into waking life the next morning recharged and rejuvenated – ready to take on the world! 

This daily miracle often goes unnoticed and unappreciated, yet it takes up one third of our lives. The average person sleeps eight hours every night – which really adds up over a lifetime. Over the course of just one year, that comes out to 2,920 hours – 122 days, or four straight months.

For a 75-year lifespan, that’s 9,125 straight days of sleeping – or 25 years asleep! When you stop and think about it, that makes us all real-life versions of Sleeping Beauty. So don’t you deserve a fairytale boudoir filled with the most opulent first-class comforts money can buy?

Improving your sleep environment yields invaluable health benefits, and comfort is key to a restful night. So treat yourself to an enchanting, extravagant bedchamber. 

Close your eyes and picture your bedroom now. Is it merely a room with a bed? Or is it a shrine to your sleeping self? A temple to lethargy? A tribute to somnolence? An ode to relaxation?

Allow your bedroom to become your sanctuary from the stresses of daily life. Explore our top-quality bedding, linens, and pillows and surround yourself with magnificent, sumptuous splendor. 

But don’t let your sensory experience be just skin deep. Achieve effortless bliss and deep relaxation through your nostrils. Studies show how soothing fragrances result in relaxation, calmness, and peace of mind. 

Aromatherapy uses aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to calm the nerves and relax the mind. Place one of our Tiara Silks pillowcases on your pillow. Made of whisper-soft silk charmeuse, these pillowcases are constructed with a hidden pocket to hold an included organza sachet filled with lavender potpourri. 

Lavender is one of the most celebrated and widely studied essential oils, and has been proven to help with relaxationinsomnia, and anxiety. Chamomile is another curative essential oil with innumerable therapeutic properties, and can be used an as antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, sedative, and relaxant.

Don’t let your bed steal the spotlight – enliven your couch with an aromatherapy accent pillow from our Spice Collection in a rich array of royal shades and sizes. Hug one of our rectangular or square aromatherapy pillows from our Spice Collection in your choice of two soothing fragrances, lavender or chamomile.  There’s no such thing as too many pillows! 

Hate to leave home now that your bedroom’s so finely calibrated to your slumberous senses? For those nights when you’re traveling and miss the ultimate comfort of sleeping in your own bed, have no fear! You can still take steps to customize and enhance your sleep environment, even when you’re away from home.  

With our gorgeous Tiara Silks Moonstone Pillowcase + White Velvet Travel Bag, you can bring the softness of silk and the soothing fragrance and top-quality comfort with you on red-eye flights and to humdrum hotel rooms.

With pillows this fragrant and sheets this soft, you won’t need a fairytale to get the sleep of your dreams. Make happily ever after a state of mind every time you make your bed.

Updated August 2, 2022

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