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Traveling is about experiencing beautiful sights, different sounds, and exciting new places, but it can be a challenge to get a good night’s sleep when you travel. The ability to sleep well in an unfamiliar place can be the difference between a good and a great trip. These seven tips will help you sleep better and relish every moment of your trip, whether it’s for business or for pleasure. 

Tip #1: Maintain Your Bedroom Routine

There are many fun things to see while traveling, but resist the temptation to skip your bedtime routine. Your routine helps signal your brain that it’s time to sleep, making it one of the best ways to support healthy sleep.

If you meditate after brushing your teeth and washing your face, continue that practice in your hotel room. Focus on your intentions for the trip and what you’re looking to accomplish. Voracious readers who enjoy a chapter before bed should always bring a good book to keep the routine alive.

Tip #2: Personalize Your Room with Mementos from Home

Living away from home brings a variety of challenges. A disrupted routine and a different bed can be disorienting, and mementos from home can help ground you. Bring a photo of your family, your favorite pair of slippers, and even a sachet of your favorite scent to make you feel at home.

Once you begin your bedtime routine, these mementos will add a familiar air to your room and further prepare your body and mind for a revitalizing night’s sleep.  

Tip #3: Choose the Right Hotel Room

If you have control over booking your hotel, choose the room carefully. Look for one away from the hotel pool, bar, the lobby, and the street. This reduces the noise from other guests who may enjoy a different sleep schedule than you. A room near the elevator or the ice machine may cause you to bear witness to someone else’s raucous night. 

The best room location in a hotel is on the top half of the hotel near the end of the hallway. There will be less foot traffic, helping you create an environment conducive to sleep. While you may not always have control over what rooms are available, remembering this tip can help prevent a night spent tossing and turning.

Tip #4: Pamper Yourself

Traveling can be stressful. Tight connections, transportation, and limited sleep while heading to your destination can all negatively impact your mood, which can impact your quality of sleep. Instead of hitting the ground running when you arrive, reset with some time at the hotel spa.

This is applicable even if you’re traveling for work. Taking this time for self-care will improve your time on and off the clock. The luxurious setting paired with relaxing services like a massage, facial, or time in the sauna are some of the best ways to set a foundation for healthy sleep.

Tip #5: Bring a Travel Pillow and an Extra Blanket

The Head Heaven® Travel Pillow is the perfect size to accompany you on any trip and gives you a place to lay your head along the way. This stylish travel pillow also includes a knapsack to protect it from dust while traveling.

Surprises are one of the best parts about traveling, except when it comes to packing. Prevent getting caught in the cold by packing a compact blanket. From cold airplanes to brisk sunsets and chilly hotel rooms, an extra blanket provides the warmth you need for the best night’s sleep possible. The Gulf of Alaska Chenille Velvet Throw is the perfect travel partner. It will fit in your suitcase while keeping your body at the ideal temperature for great sleep.

Tip #6: Stay Hydrated

A big part of traveling, whether for work or pleasure, is the delicious food and drink. Enjoying these delights are part of the experience, but staying hydrated will help your energy levels during the day and your sleep at night. 

This is even more essential while flying, because plane cabins become very dry. Bring a reusable water bottle so you can take a sip whenever you’re thirsty, and keep it on the bedside table to rehydrate in the morning.

Tip #7: Bring Your Own Pillow

When traveling to an unfamiliar area, we recommend that you BYOP—Bring Your Own Pillow. This helps ensure you have a pillow that suits your sleeping style. Back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers each require a different amount of support. Your own pillow can also help reduce the impact of allergens on your sleep so you sleep soundly through the night.

Remember to pack a coordinating eye mask to block the light in less than ideal sleeping quarters, or, if a muted tone is more your style, our Relax Eye Mask offers a soft cotton finish and blocks out even more light.

Sleeping well doesn’t need to be a luxury that's only found at home. Getting a great night’s sleep while traveling requires just a bit more planning and a measure of self-control, the reward for which is feeling rested and ready to explore, tackle business objectives, or a mix of both. On your next trip, don’t forget to pack luxury by including these travel necessities.

Updated Links July 27, 2022

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