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Because you are worth it

Sleep health and wellness are critical to overall health and wellness. Finish the year strong by making 2023 the year of great sleep with an investment in fresh, new bedding.  

If you have read the first in this series, you know we recommend a waterproof mattress pad to protect your mattress from spills and accidents. The next step in building your bed is intended entirely for comfort, the feather bed. 

Feather beds have some history

Enjoyed only by the rich in the 14th century, by the 19th century, feather beds were something ordinary people could work toward. Requiring up to 50 pounds of feathers, it could take years to accumulate the feathers to make a feather bed or to save the money to purchase one. Feather beds were valuable possessions passed to the next generation and packed for travel to the New World.

Feather beds were also called feather ticks as they were made from linen or cotton bags filled with feathers and sewn shut. The ticking covering was tightly woven to keep the feathers from leaking out and waxed or rubbed with soap to keep it impenetrable. They were placed on top of firmer mattresses. With no inner structure, feather beds of old needed re-shaping every morning. 

Sleeping on a cloud

Today, feather beds offer several benefits for both your wallet and your sleep. Feather beds are often seen only at the most luxurious hotels; however, they are also a wonderful alternative to immediate investment in a more expensive mattress as they are placed on top of the mattress and deliver an extra level of cushion and comfort. We continue to recommend a waterproof mattress pad, but the feather bed provides an additional layer between you and your mattress.

Down Etc’s Essential Feather Bed with Baffle Box Construction offers aTeam at Down Etcn extra 2 ½” luxurious layer of loft to create your best night of sleep.  We manufacture our feather beds to the same exacting standards as our comforters, covering them with a double layer of 100% preshrunk, super-soft, down-proof white cotton. The 2½” baffle box construction with invisible seams keeps the feathers from moving to one end of the feather bed. Although fluffing feather beds and comforters is recommended to obtain maximum loft, your Down Etc will not need the re-shaping necessary for feather ticks of centuries ago. Double stitching and German cotton piping make this a long-lasting investment able to withstand institutional laundering by some of the most discerning hotels in the world.

Protect your feather bed

We encourage you to use the Essential Feather Bed Protector to create the most hygienic bed and to protect the investment you have made in your feather bed. The feather bed protector is made with super-soft, white, 100% cotton. Details include an invisible zipper with a tear drop closure. Like a pillow protector, it is easier to remove this cover for laundering than it is to wash the feather bed. 

A feather bed to help you have a great night's sleep!

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