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Because You Deserve a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep health and wellness are critical to overall health and wellness. Finish the year strong by making 2022 the year of great sleep with an investment in fresh, new bedding.  

If you have recently enjoyed a great night’s sleep at a luxury hotel, chances are good you slept under a Down Etc comforter or on a Down Etc pillow. We believe, whether you are home or away, the bedroom should be an oasis from which you can escape the stresses of the day. Bedding must be beautiful to the eye, as well as durable and easy to maintain. This is a lesson we learned from professional housekeepers over decades of providing bedding products to the luxury hospitality industry. It is a lesson we have taken to heart. We manufacture long-lasting and easy-to-care-for bedding that brings the luxury of the finest hotels to your home.

In this blog and the series to follow, we will help you build your bedding from the bottom up, beginning with a waterproof mattress pad.

Dirt, Spills, and Accidents Happen

When it comes to outfitting your bed for sleeping purposes, you will probably focus on beautiful linens and comfortable pillows, but do not forget about the foundational piece that will protect both you and your mattress.  Mattresses are susceptible to numerous contaminants.  Even when incontinence is not a consideration, an unprotected mattress can be ruined by sweat or spilled drinks. Before you place a bottom sheet on the mattress, you should always cover the mattress with a pad that will protect your investment in a quality mattress, as well as provide the proper base for your beautiful linens. 

There Are a Variety of Mattress Pads on the Market

Mattress pads are manufactured in a variety of fabrics and styles, and you should always invest wisely as a cheap pad is not designed for maximum effect. The mattress pad not only provides a barrier between you and your mattress; it provides an extra cushion for sleeping, as well as a soft and silky base on which to place the bottom sheet to alleviate tugging when you change your bottom sheet. You should look for a mattress pad with a skirt or attached anchor bands to keep the pad in place regardless of how much you toss and turn throughout the night.  And always make sure you select the right size pad for your mattress.

Go with the Best, Down Etc’s Lily Pads®

Every sleeper drools and perspires. An unprotected mattress can be ruined easily by these, as well as by spills and other accidents. To protect your mattress from these potentially ruinous contaminants, Down Etc highly recommends the continuous use of mattress pads, which should be removed and laundered regularly.

Mattress pads are not all created equal. Down Etc spent years developing and perfecting our Lily Pads® line of mattress pads to meet the need for a waterproof, motionless, soundless, and breathable mattress pad. Our ultimate waterproof mattress pad has a 100% polyester nonwoven backing to provide a waterproof barrier, a 100% cotton twill face to provide a soft and silky base for the bottom sheet, and 5.5 oz or 15 oz of polyester fill per square yard in between for cushioning. The layers are diamond-quilted together for strength and durability to last through laundering. The fitted skirt prevents the pad from moving. This mattress pad provides motionless, noiseless, and breathable protection from spills for mattress heights up to 18".

corner of mattress pad

A waterproof mattress pad to help you have a great night's sleep!™

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