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Strengthen the mind and body - embrace yoga for a better night’s sleep 

During this season, a lot of things fall into place: leaves begin to fall, the clocks fall back an hour, and, if we are not careful, we can fall into a frantic, unsustainable pace as we get closer and closer to the Holidays and the end of the year.

Being intentional in life is essential. We help our customers be more intentional with their sleep health in order to achieve a great night’s sleep. Intentionality can be exercised in all areas of our lives. One way to improve our focus and ability to concentrate is through yoga. Yoga is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical activity. Yoga also helps the mind and body to become one and is a good complement to a healthy lifestyle and sound sleep life.

Jump into Fall with a healthier mind and body by learning about a few of the many benefits of yoga:

1. Enhanced Well Being: There are many different yoga poses and stretches that help relax the body’s muscles.  By slowly stretching and holding different poses, the muscles begin to relax and lose their tension, bringing a sense of release to the brain. This release calms the mind and slows the body by creating a moment of de-stress.  This ultimately leads to  more balanced mental and physical states.

2. Reduction of Anxiety and Depression: Yoga is centered by the motto of living in the moment; taking time to reflect in a meditative state.  Without distractions, your mind is able to reset by escaping the thoughts of your busy life, putting you in a calmer, improved mood.  

3. Better Quality of Sleep: No one can deny a good night’s sleep is critical, but with the fast pace of everyday life, sometimes that good night’s sleep is hard to come by. Yoga is known to be a great activity to do before bed; it promotes whole-body wellness and creates harmony between the mind and body. There are even specific poses that can balance the hormones in your brain to normalize your sleep cycle.

4. Improved Posture, Flexibly, and Strength: Laptops, desk jobs, and cellphones wreak havoc on your posture. Constantly looking down and slouching in chairs isn’t good for your posture. Yoga has numerous benefits for correcting bad posture and flexibility. Most of the moves you do will open your chest and shoulders, allowing you to gently bend your back, lengthen your spine, and experience the feeling of proper posture. Incorporating a few yoga moves to your work day will help you instantly feel taller and more comfortable while sitting at your desk.

5. Improved Concentration: Yoga requires practicing deep, slow breathing, which helps to relax your muscles and clear your mind. By taking the time to meditate daily, these practices are actually rewiring the brain. Giving your mind a break from thinking about tomorrow’s work activities and stress will actually help your brain to concentrate better by improving your focus and brain function. 

All it takes is ten minutes to center your mind and body through yoga. Start by learning 2-4 simple poses to perform twice a day, once in the morning and then again right before bed. You will see a difference in the way you feel, both physically and mentally. Fall into a healthy habit this autumn. 

Edited September 6, 2022

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