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Our children can feel our tension and they too are trapped at home. If bedtime stories are not already part of your nighttime routine, you may want to consider some of our suggestions. If bedtime stories are a ritual in your family, we have some ideas on how to take things up a notch.

Find the Perfect Story

If you have a fantastical mind and can quickly create an enthralling tale, go for it. If you think you’re just not creative enough or you’re simply too tired at the end of a long day, consider telling stories about your own childhood. Since kids don’t really believe we were ever their age, our stories are just as interesting as fantasy stories. If necessary, you can change the names and places to make the stories sound more made-up. If you’re nervous about making up your own story or simply don’t have the necessary mental energy, there are plenty of books, old and new, filled with stories appropriate for your children.  You can find them online. Consider starting with the New York Public Library’s, “100 Great Children’s Books / 100 Years.” 

Provide the Huggie Pillows

Make sure each child has their own special huggie pillow just for bedtime stories.  Down Etc’s Head Heaven® Travel Pillows and Pillowtogo™ Travel Pillow and Throw are the perfect size for little heads. Both are filled with the same down and feathers as our bed pillows. Designed by an 11-year-old, these pillows and throws come in their own knapsacks so they are the perfect item for your little one to take on vacation or sleepovers when that is once again possible.  They are machine washable so they are worry-free. For little ones, the huggable and loveable cuddly plush animal blankets are perfect.

Create a Castle

Add another dimension to storytelling by letting the children create their own castle with the Pillow Fort Pillowcase. This unique pillowcase has five slots to accommodate standard or queen pillows. When all of the pillows on your beds go missing, then you know someone is having fun! Stand it up in a circle and let your children hide from the pirates or invaders in your stories.

Get Comfortable

Don’t forget about your own comfort when you get the kids settled in for a good story.  If you’re hanging off the end of the bed or your neck is uncomfortably bent, it won’t be fun for you and you won’t be in a hurry to repeat the experience. If necessary, bring in your own pillow. Of course, Down Etc offers a wide variety of pillows from which to choose. Consider pampering yourself with a Tiara Silks® Aromatherapy Pillowcase. Silk is wonderful to sleep with and prescribed for people who care about their skin. The pillowcase comes with a beautifully packaged organza sachet filled with lavender or chamomile potpourri that tucks neatly into a hidden pocket inside.

Make it a Cliffhanger

It’s not just adults who are hooked by cliffhangers. If you can’t come up with a conclusion that will tie up all the loose ends, feel free to leave them hanging.  It will make getting them to bed the next night easier if they are anxious for you to pick up the story where you left off the night before!

Updated Links August 2, 2022

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