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Many of us have had three months of the togetherness we would typically schedule for Father’s Day. In fact, we have had the togetherness we would typically schedule for a lifetime of Father’s Days. So how do we make the day special for the men, fathers and father figures, we appreciate? At Down Etc, we are all about a great night’s sleep, so we have come up with some suggestions for ways to give the fathers in our lives the gift of sleep.

Enhance Sleep with Exercise

Sleep is enhanced by exercise so figure out some way to join dad in whatever type of exercise he favors. At our house, Father’s Day is the one day of the year when we go on a “family” bicycle ride. It is also the one day of the year when my sons and I agree to wear the matching cycling jerseys my husband purchased for us the year of our first ride. Since the boys were younger and smaller when the jerseys were purchased, they are a bit snugger than might be considered comfortable. To be honest, they are a bit snugger than the skinsuits worn by professional riders.

Man on bed looking at cell phone

If the father in your family prefers to exercise on his own or the family is not together on Father’s Day, consider gifting him some new workout wear. Check out Vistaprint and numerous other websites who would be delighted to print your family’s photo on a t-shirt shirt so you can join him in spirit while he works out.

Snacking for Sleep

 A great night’s sleep can reduce the cravings for junk food the next day, which can help maintain a healthy weight. If dad has trouble getting sufficient or quality sleep, The National Sleep Foundation has identified certain foods and beverages that may help to induce or improve sleep including nuts, lean proteins, and complex carbs such as oatmeal. Healthline touts the nine best foods to eat before bed including almonds, walnuts, kiwi, and tart cherry juice. Your job is figuring out how to introduce these foods as a treat for dad and not as a medicine to put him to sleep. We suggest you make a homemade granola. Check out Martha Stewart’s Cherry-Nut Granola or any of the delicious granola recipes available online from Men’s Health. Granola can be a healthy snack depending on the choice of ingredients. When you make your own granola, you can control the sugar and fat, and add the things you know your dad likes.

If your dad is not a granola guy, we have found some delicious granola muffins to which you can add the fruits and nuts that improve sleep. We can’t guarantee they are as healthy as eating the items out of a bag, but they should put a smile on his face. Whether you are making granola or something “granola-near,” remind dad from whom the gifts are coming by having stickers with your faces made to put on the package.

Relaxing with a Dad Movie

We think the perfect way to escape the unusual stresses of Father’s Day 2020 is to settle in with dad to watch a dad movie in which an average guy becomes a hero in the eyes of his kids. Consider Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, or Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. There are also movies that dads seem to like to watch. In our house, my husband will stop whatever he’s doing to watch The Shawshank Redemption or Blazing Saddles no matter how many times he’s seen it before.

Finally, Picking the Perfect Pillow for Dad

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Once dad has exercised, snacked, and relaxed with a movie, it’s time for bed. Men have trouble sleeping, too. At Down Etc, we believe the right pillow is critical for a great night’s sleep. It’s the thought that counts when you pick the perfect pillow since it will require you to consider his sleep position (side, back, or stomach), preferred firmness (soft, medium, or firm), type of fill (down or down alternative), and pillow size (standard, queen, or king). Leave a RELAX Eye Mask on top of the pillow so he knows it’s time to relax and enjoy his Father’s Day gift of a great night’s sleep.

Updated Links July 31, 2022

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