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Make Memories and Family Traditions this Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived, the time when we try to squeeze work, parties, friends, and family into the last six weeks of the year. It can be so overwhelming that we forget to stop, look around, and enjoy what we’re celebrating. Here are a few ways to keep the cozy going this time of the year.

1. Order Prepared Meals

Eliminate the repeat trips to the grocery store for the seasonings you were sure you had left over from last year’s holiday dinner. Forget about hefting the giant roasting pan out of its hiding place for its once-a-year appearance. Let someone else do all of that and spend the extra time doing something with your family and friends who are visiting from out-of-town or home from school for the holidays. Decorate the table (or the whole house), bundle up and take a walk (together or alone), or simply relax with a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice). Whether you order a holiday kit online or the fully cooked spread from your local market, there is no shame in offloading some of the work. You can certainly make it look nice with pretty dishes and our hotel-quality cotton napkins. You won’t be alone. If, however, you find your joy in planning, shopping for, and cooking a holiday meal, carry on and enjoy.

2. Ready the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace but can’t remember the last time it was checked or cleaned, get that taken care of. Finding out there’s a problem when the smoke starts filling the room can put a damper on holiday festivities. When it’s working well, a lit fireplace can warm a room and create a focal point for gathering. A grouping of candles can create the same effect whether they are burning or flameless.

Spread out the decorative pillows and throws in a circle to create a cozy spot for the kids to settle for playing cards or board games. For the littlest ones, consider our Pillow Fort Pillowcase, a pillowcase with five slots to accommodate five pillows. Stand it up in a circle to create the perfect fantasy fort for the kids to hide in. Add extra comfort and warmth for your adult guests by placing our knitted pillows and throws on couches and chairs where the adults will gather.

3. Pick a New Family Favorite Movie

With all the streaming services, there is no better time to create a family holiday movie tradition. You can select by consensus or fiat. The holidays are the perfect time to expose a captive audience of younger generations to movies they might not select on their own, such as It’s a Wonderful Life.

Make them comfortable with their own travel pillows and throws and entice them with retro movie treats from the decade in which the movie premiered. For It’s a Wonderful Life, which was released in 1947, order some of the top 10 candies from the 1940s like Almond Joy, Whoppers, York Peppermint Pattie, Mike & Ike, and Smarties. Throw around the interesting fact that M&Ms, introduced in 1941, were sold exclusively to the military to be included in in American soldiers’ meal rations after the U.S. entered World War II. After the war, M&Ms were made available to the general public, which has been enjoying them ever since.

4. Place Notes Under Their Pillows

A little note under their pillow is a lovely way to tell a family member how special they are to you. Nowadays, when written communication is by text or direct message, a handwritten note is even more special. It shows you took the time to put a little bit of yourself on paper, provides a tangible reflection of your feelings, and offers the recipient a keepsake of a moment in time.

5. Share Your Holidays

At Down Etc, we share our love by donating our bedding to those in need and giving the gift of sleep. Consider making your holiday donation a family activity based on what’s important to your family. Whether you support cultural institutions or medical research or something in between, there are plenty of deserving organizations. Choose something meaningful to your whole family.

Enjoy making holiday memories with your family.

-The Team at Down Etc


Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels


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