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When the Team at Down Etc says we love to talk pillows, we mean it. We are happy to discuss materials and construction because we are proud of the pillows we have manufactured and sold for twenty years. But we really get going when we start asking questions about how you sleep and sharing the ways in which the right pillow can improve your sleep.

A great night's sleep begins with a pillow

A great night’s sleep is essential to health and well-being, and comfortable and hygienic pillows form the foundation of a great night’s sleep. That is why our mission is to provide quality pillows to meet the individual needs of each and every sleeper. Our commitment to personal service, whether we are supplying a luxury hotel or an individual home, is exemplified by our Pillow Butler® Program.

Manufactured with an eye toward detail

The journey to a great night's sleep begins with a collection of comfortable quality pillows. We give thought to the entire process of manufacturing our pillows, from seed to sleep. We have worked and grown with the same cotton farmers, factory owners, and suppliers for twenty years. Through these relationships, we have been able to maintain consistent standards of quality and craftmanship. The details, including invisible zippers, double-stitching, and German cotton piping, may go unnoticed, but they make our pillows long-lasting investments. Our feather and down is carefully sourced and thoroughly cleaned through our CentroClean™ process. As you can tell, we’re proud of our pillows.

Chosen with the way you sleep in mind

Selecting a particular pillow can seem overwhelming, but we’re here for you. After doing this for twenty years, we’ve figured out what questions to ask when helping sleepers pick their perfect pillows. Give us a call and you’ll see. We’ll ask about your sleep position (back, side, or stomach), your size, the size of your bed, whether you suffer from allergies or aches and pains, and whether you read, work, and play in bed or reserve it for sleeping. We can discuss different types of ticking and fill, as well as the proper care and maintenance of your pillows.

Proven to be a great investment

We never end a pillow discussion without talking about hygiene. We all sweat and drool at night. Down Etc highly recommends the consistent use of zippered pillow protectors. Once you’ve made the investment in quality pillows, you’ll want them to last.

The Pillow Butler® Program is not limited to pillows. The Team at Down Etc is happy to help you build your bedding from the bottom up, from mattress pads and protectors to sheets and comforters.

In your health and wellness

Because we believe sleep education is important, we share current sleep health and wellness topics in newsletters and blog posts on our website. However, we are always available for pillow talk so give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through our social media. We wish you a great night's sleep.

Updated Links July 27, 2022

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