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Poor pillows were standing between Nick Hoppe and a good night’s sleep until his wife gifted him one of Down Etc’s Rhapsody Wrap pillows. Like many of our customers, Nick's first experience with our Rhapsody Wrap pillow occurred during a hotel stay. According to Nick, his wife remembered him "raving about the pillow" when he woke. Her research to find that pillow led her to Down Etc and the rest is history.  

A hotel favorite and our bestselling retail pillow, the Rhapsody Wrap has an outer layer of soft feather and down wrapped around a firmer feather core. It provides the perfect amount of support for side sleepers or extra support for those who like to read or watch television in bed. The Rhapsody Wrap pillow is covered in white, 100% super-soft, preshrunk down-proof cotton and made with double stitching and German cotton piping for durability. It comes packaged in an individual white cotton fabric bag with handles making it the perfect present for you or someone whose sleep you care about.

We love hearing from happy sleepers and we certainly appreciate the praise!

Updated Links July 29, 2022

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