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Down Etc began in 2001 supplying high-end top-of-the-bed products to the hospitality industry. In the years since its founding, the company has grown into a global force with worldwide distribution and sales representatives throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the years, the Team at Down Etc accumulated experience and wisdom from its clients as to the importance of a perfectly made bed to the guest experience. Led by its founder, Rebecca Litwin, the Team at Down Etc has distilled this experience and wisdom into a handbook designed for anyone interested in creating a bed that will provide a great night’s sleep. It was years in the making, but now that it’s here, listen to what experts in the hospitality industry are saying about Down Etc and Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed. Get the book here!

“Roll into a Perfectly Made Bed—a great read! Finally Rebecca brings her expertise and passion to educate us about the art of the bed. She has clear diagrams to get us to understand the basics and per­fect tips you can implement immediately to enhance your personal or guests’ quality of sleep. We spend a third of our life in bed. Although sleep seems so simple, it has become incredibly complicated over the years. Our 24/7 electronic worlds are creating more havoc in clearing our minds at the end of each day. More and more people are having trouble getting to sleep or actually staying asleep. Prescription sleep aids have been on the rise. Rebecca’s insights can help one understand how to set up the optimal setting to create the proper atmosphere for a great night’s sleep. It’s a must-read if you’re looking to understand the importance of refining a few things to create a perfect atmosphere around sleep!”

–Lorraine Francis, AIA, LEED, BD+C, regional director of hospitality interiors, associate, Gensler

“In my ever-changing daily life, I realize I have limited control of external factors. The most important aspect of having a productive day actually starts the day before by getting a good night’s sleep. It may seem simple, but be sure to rest as long as your body/mind needs. This book will help you create the bedroom environment necessary to achieve the rest you need to get a great start to your day and a head start on everybody else.”

–Michael B. Hoffmann, general manager, Inn at Perry Cabin

“As an avid traveler and someone who is constantly on the road, I truly value being in my own bed. Since buying the Down Etc. pillows, my sleep has never been the same as they provide me with the comfort and support I need to wake up well-rested. Thus, I continue to recommend these pillows to all my friends and family.”

–Scott Menke, chief executive officer, Paragon Gaming

“Attention to detail is necessary to provide a world-class hotel experience. We have been able to provide that experience using the kind of expertise and attention to detail included in this book.”

–Joel Moore, vice president of hotel operations, Thunder Valley Casino Resort

“This book exemplifies my experience in dealing with Rebecca that there is no detail too small when it comes to creating a bed that will provide our guests with a great night’s sleep and a memorable stay.”

–Dick Moskal, vice president of purchasing, Affinity Gaming

“If your bedding is well-designed and constructed, delivered on time and as specified, offers the aesthetic attributes your guests readily recognize and appreciate, while at the same time providing your operators with superior product performance metrics, it probably has a Down Etc label attached to it.”

–Tony Reiss, director of project services, Hilton

“Rebecca Litwin has captured her passion to provide a great night’s sleep in Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed. As my colleague and mentor for over a decade, I can attest to Rebecca’s belief in the art of making a bed. In this book, she makes that art available to everyone.”

–Katie Reuland, director of operations, Down Etc

“A great night’s sleep is more than a motto for Rebecca Litwin and Down Etc; it’s a mission. In this primer on the art of bed making, a leading supplier to the best hotels around the world outlines in words and pictures everything necessary to create the bed you want to jump into, whether you’re at home or away. I will be certain it is kept within easy reach of the housekeepers in all of our properties.”

–Rick Riess, vice president, Montage Hotels & Resorts; managing director, Montage Laguna Beach

“For fifteen years, Rebecca and the Down Etc team have shared with me their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for creating the bedding necessary to provide hotel guests with a memorable experience. This book reflects the ‘can do” attitude and commitment to providing the perfect bedding for each project that has made me a fan now and in the future.”

–Terri Shearer, partner, Filament Hospitality

“Roll into a Perfectly Made Bed is a must-read for anyone wishing to create their own perfect sleep environment at home. Rebecca Litwin offers a straightforward, intuitive, step-by-step framework in this savvy ‘insider’s tool of the trade.’ Read this book if you wish to bring the delightful sleep experience enjoyed at the world’s best hotels into the bedrooms of you and your guests.”

–Polina Steier, editor-in-chief, Caviar Affair magazine

“Rebecca Litwin taught me more about beds, pillows, featherbeds, duvet covers, and all other issues of sleeping comfort in twenty-four hours that I learned in a career of forty years. She is my go-to expert and the only woman I know who has figured out how to keep down feathers where they belong!”

–Roger Thomas, executive vice president, design, Wynn Design and Development

“In this book, Rebecca and Down Etc share their excitement and the knowledge of top of the bed products, which has made them invaluable collaborators in bringing our creative visions and design concepts to life for our hotels. This book affirms their ability to balance style and substance to create a beautiful sleep experience for everyone.”

–Sabine Vessnow, director, development–sourcing, Sydell Group

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