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We are proud to appear in Kiri Masters article in forbes.com as one of three founder-led companies that have recognized a retail marketing opportunity when hotel guests enjoy our products during their stays. down etc has spent more than twenty years providing bedding and bath products to luxury hotels around the world. Although down etc does not benefit from the “visual branding” of the other two companies on which Masters focuses, Pharmacopia and MALIN + GOETZ, it is the large number of hotel guests who sought out down etc’s bedding after sleeping well during their stays that encouraged down etc to make its products available to guests in their own homes by creating downetc.com.

Our Pillow Butler® Team looks forward to working with our retail customers who’ve slept on our bedding during hotel stays to find the product that provided them with great sleep. We’re also happy to introduce our bedding to new customers so they can enjoy the same wonderful sleep they expect when they stay at a hotel. There is nothing we love to hear more than that someone has slept well on our products.

We hope you sleep like a guest at home.

-The Team at Down Etc

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