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There is nothing like returning to your hotel room after enjoying dinner and a show or the sights of the city to find your room has been refreshed and staged for your entrance. Hotel turndown service is intended to create a relaxing environment that eases you into a great night’s sleep. There is no reason you cannot create that same environment at home for overnight guests. Here are ten elements of a memorable turndown that you can recreate to the acclaim of your guests.

  1. Refresh the bedroom and bathroom (or have the guest bedroom and bathroom refreshed) by removing any soiled towels or linens and replacing them with fresh ones. For special guests and guests who visit often, consider purchasing towels embroidered with their first initial so they will know they are truly welcome.
  2. Set the mood with low lighting and soft music playing. Additionally, draw the curtains, and neatly pull back the bedcovers at an inviting angle. They will recognize the soothing environment the moment they open the door.
  3. Place a turndown mat and a pair of one-time-use slippers, like the ones used by luxury hotels. by the side of the bed for each person who will be staying the night.
  4. Place fresh water in a carafe on the nightstand along with a glass for each guest.
  5. No matter our age, an individually wrapped treat left on the pillow brings a frisson of joy. We love a treat that is just the right size to pop in the mouth as we begin the process of getting ready for bed. A specialty of the house or city in which you live is always a great idea. Leave at least one for each guest.
  6. Even in this age of computers and the availability of weather forecasts on our phones, you can create a card to be left on the night table with the expected weather for the next day, as well as the reminder you have plenty of umbrellas or sunscreen. Include a list of any events that might be taking place in the neighborhood or city that makes your house a desirable destination. If your visitors have time to themselves, include suggestions for restaurants. Be sure to include QR codes so your guests can check out the restaurants’ websites.
  7. Leave a small gift that represents you for them to take home.
  8. Provide a bestseller or book of poems for your guests to give them something to read and to keep them from losing time scrolling on their cell phones.
  9. Offer a non-alcoholic beverage to aid digestion and a sleep mask to block any ambient light.
  10. Finally, place a basket of amenities in an obvious spot so they need not worry about having forgotten to pack something. Be sure to include a variety of soaps and shampoos, as well as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor.

What makes a luxury hotel special is the “one guest at a time” mentality in which each guest is meant to feel special and wanted. A turndown provides that end-of-the-day touch that lets guests know they are special. You can certainly accomplish the same thing with a little bit of time and know-how.

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