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Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Personal Routine at Home

The phrase “spa day” means something different to each of us. It can be as elaborate as a full day of body and facial treatments or as simple as a manicure and pedicure while drinking cocktails with friends. What these varied experiences share are personal services provided by others outside our homes. Having worked with hospitality clients for twenty years, we have had the opportunity to enjoy many world-famous spa services, and there is no doubt they are wonderful. Unfortunately, there is not always the time or opportunity to visit the spa. That doesn’t mean we should delay our self-care. So, until your next spa visit, here are five things you can do at home to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that will calm your mind, refresh your body, and rejuvenate your spirit.

1. Slide into slippers.

Whether you’ve just taken a run or run to the store, upon arriving home to begin your self-care Sunday, take off your outside shoes and don your slippers. Swapping shoes for slippers is not just for Disney princesses. The ritual of exchanging your shoes for slippers at home is widely followed around the world. It’s a sign you’ve escaped from the world into the comfort of home.

2. Treat your hair.

Like your skin, your hair can become dry and less vibrant as a result of pollution, stress, and overstyling. A hair mask can restore hydration, deep condition, and promote shine. After applying your chosen hair mask, wrap your head in our specially designed Heart Twist™ Spa Head Wrap. It’s crafted in our super-absorbent, all-in-one fabric composed of cotton terry on the inside and plush polyester on the outside. With the tail tucked into the slip-resistant elastic loop, you can let the mask work while you soak in the tub. It’s ultra-light and just the right size to wrap and hold your hair. It also makes a great wrap to keep your hair off your face while you apply face lotion or makeup.

3. Relax in the tub.

While a shower gets you ready for a busy day, a bath signals it’s time to wind down and relax. Warm baths can soothe muscles, reduce stress, and encourage sleep. Fill the tub with lukewarm water, add whatever bath oil you prefer, and relax. You’ll want to avoid water that is too hot as it may leave your skin dry. Let yourself sink in to bliss by lying back and resting your head on our Terry Tub Pillow

4. Baby your skin.

When you get out of the tub, be sure to apply lotion to lock in moisture while your skin is damp. For years, I rolled my eyes when my mother told me to use sunscreen and lotion. If only I’d listened sooner.

Another simple way to protect your skin is to pay attention to the towels you use on it. The natural non-dyed toweling in our Wash Me Tender™ Organic Cotton and Silk Towel Sets is perfect for all skin, particularly skin that is sensitive or damaged. A favorite of our spa clients, this towel set includes a mitt, wash cloth, and head towel, as well as a soothing gel pack to cool irritated skin, treat injuries, and reduce inflammation and swelling.

5. Take a nap.

Although a nap may feel like an indulgence, it can work to restore alertness and enhance cognitive performance. Short naps in the early afternoon can be rejuvenating and won’t detract from a full night’s sleep. Be sure your nap is no more than 30 minutes in length to avoid grogginess upon waking. Block out ambient light with one of our Eyes Down Eye Masks.

We suggest you add the benefits of silk and aromatherapy to your naps with our Tiara Silks® Pillowcase. Made of whisper-soft silk charmeuse, each pillowcase comes with an organza sachet filled with premium aromatherapeutic lavender potpourri that tucks into a hidden pocket inside the pillowcase. Silk won’t pull moisture from your skin, and it will help to maintain your hair style without mess or frizz while you nap.

Extend the benefits of your spa day through Monday morning by waking to flowers on your nightstand or bathroom countertop. Flowers can improve emotional health, and seeing flowers first thing in the morning can positively influence the rest of your day. Luxury hotels have recognized the power of flowers to well-being. That’s why you see them so often in hotel spas and guest rooms. Read more about the ways you can bring the power of flowers into your bedroom and bath and extend the benefits of your day of self care.

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