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We may think of June as the wedding month, but wedding season runs from late spring through early fall, with peaks in June and September. Whether you’re planning or participating in a wedding this fall, or some other time of year, we’ve got some recommendations for ways to show your appreciation for the efforts of the supporting cast that makes the show happen: the wedding party.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen didn't always occupy the roles they do today. There are numerous stories about the use of bridesmaids as decoys to protect the bride from the bad intentions of evil spirits or real-life thieves, hence, the similar outfits. Nowadays, the reasons for selecting the members of the wedding party, the choice of their wedding attire, and the duties they assume are quite different. That is not to say that they do not remain critical to the success of the wedding celebration. Members of the wedding party help with all aspects of the wedding from planning and providing emotional support to paying for engagement parties and wedding showers.

Wedding party gifts are an ideal way for the couple to say thank you for the efforts of those who have attended them, as well as to share the gift-giving energy directed toward the couple. When selecting the gifts, as in all gift-giving, the thought counts. Here are five ways for the couple to show they are thinking about the members of their wedding party:

1. Make It Unique for Each Member of the Wedding Party

Each member of the wedding party, whether they’re a friend, family member, or future in-law, deserves a present picked with them in mind. Don’t be overwhelmed. You might give the same item to all of them but in a variation that fits the personality of the recipient.

Robes are always a wonderful gift for members of the wedding party. It’s something they can wear as they get ready for the wedding festivities, as well as afterward. You can pick the style, weight, and color that work for each person. It’s up to you whether you want to have their initials monogrammed on the robe for that extra touch. It may be fun to add the couple's names or wedding date to the wedding decor; however, we recommend keeping it about the recipients when it comes to wedding party gifts. Our Taurus Mountain robes, a wedding party favorite, come in white with dark grey or lilac trim, with or without hoods, making it easy to select the robe that’s just right for each attendant.

2. Wrap It Up

Particularly when the wedding party gifts might be opened in a group, the packaging is part of the present. Consider items that come beautifully packaged like our Tiara Silks Aromatherapy Pillowcases. These silk charmeuse pillowcases, in a variety of sizes and shades, come packaged in color-coordinated cut velvet bags with zipper pulls. These presents are perfect for packing and traveling to destination weddings. Silk will keep their hair and skin looking great for all of the wedding festivities. 

3. Write a Note and Include a Photo

Make it personal with a note recognizing the lengths to which your attendants have gone to make your celebration special. It can be short, but it should be handwritten. It may take a few minutes when you’re very busy with a million details, but it will be worth it. If you have a special photo of the couple with the gift recipient, enclose it with the note. 

4. Small and Thoughtful Throughout 

Small, thoughtful gifts can be provided throughout the events to let the wedding party know you recognize their ongoing efforts. If you’re hosting a destination wedding or they're coming in from out of town, consider a basket in their hotel rooms stocked with small items they may have forgotten. Add one of our Spa Headbands or Heart Twist Spa Head Wraps for their use when they want to keep their wedding hair off their faces while they have makeup applied.

Our one-time-use hotel slippers are the perfect party favor when they're ready to kick off their wedding shoes for something cozy and comfortable without risking bare feet on the dance floor. Our Cheers! Celebration Slide Slippers have two clinking champagne glasses embroidered on the top of our best-selling cotton plush slippers. For the couple, choose the same slipper embroidered with “Eat, Drink & Be Married.” 

5. Gift Cards with Guidelines

A gift card is personal when it is for an experience the recipient will love but needs to schedule for themself. For example, a gift card for an appointment at a new nail salon, a session at their favorite yoga studio, a bouquet of flowers from their local florist, or tickets to a show at a theatre in their area (live or movie).

You’ll also want to have something more than the card to present. Otherwise, the card gets lost or stuck in a wallet.  For the attendant who loves having their nails done, give them a gift card to their favorite salon attached to a beautifully wrapped bottle of their favorite nail polish. For the others, consider yoga socks, a bud vase, or a show or movie poster as accompaniments.

Gifts for the members of the wedding party are a way to say thank you and to share your love on this special occasion. After all, that is why you're celebrating and the reason you chose them to do it with you.  

-The Team at Down Etc

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Cover Photo by Hồ Thành

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