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There's no reason not to throw your own pillow party posthaste. And if you're not sure how, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Make Rules
I know what you're thinking: there are no rules in a pillow fight! Okay, this may have been true when you were a child, substantially less devious, and under parental supervision, but it’s a good idea now. For example, you'll want to provide or limit guests to soft pillows, preferably down.  Remind them you want people to have fun, not to end up in the emergency room. Accessories like glasses, watches, jewelry, and other items that could cause harm or get broken should be left at home or be collected from guests before the whistle blows. You might even want to set up a safe zone for participants to escape the action if it gets to be too much or they need a break from the action. Just in case, keep a first aid kit handy.

Set the Stage
Prepping for your pillow fight requires you to select an appropriate venue, indoors or out, and to set the stage accordingly. This means removing any furniture or other items that people could trip over or run into, suffering harm as a result. If you plan to hold your event outdoors, you should probably cordon off an area so that your pillow party doesn't spill over into surrounding areas.

Consider Public versus Private
Some people have started to host massive pillow parties in public places. They simply select a date, time, and location and then put the word out to anyone who wants to attend. You may not feel like taking responsibility for an event on this scale, at least not until you've organized some smaller events. If you're too nervous about what could go wrong in a public place or you're worried about too few (or too many) people showing up, you're not going to enjoy your pillow party.

Cleaning up the Mess
It’s a pillow fight. Feathers will fly. If they are down and fluffy, you will have a nice time cleaning up. Feathers are harder to clean up. We suggest using a vacuum that won’t clog easily. Be prepared to have to clean nooks and crannies, corners, and couch pillows if you do this indoors. Carpeting is another challenge so remember to pick a spot that you can easily clean up. If you are doing this outdoors in a public place, use common sense about the clean up. You won’t be able to vacuum, but you should plan to bring garbage bags for the wrecked pillows and other detritus your pillow fighters will leave behind.

And the Winner is...
Don’t forget to video and take pictures. You will have a blast watching yourself, especially in slow motion as feathers explode all around you. Posting these on your favorite social media channels will surely bring in comments. 

Updated August 3, 2022

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