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At Down Etc, we believe in supporting causes essential to our community, and this includes women’s cancer research. Globe-athon is a worldwide community of researchers and medical professionals committed to educating women and their support systems on gynecological cancers.

These women are more than a statistic, and we’re honored to partner with Globe-athon to help increase awareness and the search for a cure.

Why Focus on Gynecological Cancer?

While breast cancer often receives most of the attention, there has been a negative impact from the lack of education and awareness regarding other women’s cancers in many communities.

Gynecologic cancer is any cancer that starts in a woman’s reproductive organs. There are six primary types: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, vulvar, and fallopian tube. Fallopian tube cancer is the rarest form of gynecological cancer. Cervical cancer is the only form of gynecological cancer with a screening test, which is the pap smear.

This current lack of screening options means women need to be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with each, and monitor themselves accordingly. While these cancers are not often talked about, there are many women diagnosed each year. A report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization indicated that of the 6.7 million estimated new cancer cases among women in 2012 worldwide, 16% of them were gynecological.

The Inspiring Story Behind Globe-athon

Globe-athon was started by Dr. Larry Maxwell as an effort to improve awareness, research, and advocacy for women’s cancers. As a gynecologic oncologist with a history of gynecological cancer in his own family, he saw the impact these cancers were having on women and their families. He soon realized how, while all cancer can be devastating, the lack of knowledge surrounding gynecological cancers meant women were not adequately prepared to fight the disease.

Globe-athon believes each woman should be "SEEN" as in:

She Matters…”

Empowerment for women’s health and wellness.”

Every contribution counts…One step can make a world of difference.”

Normalized equality.”

Dr. Maxwell shares, “Globe-athon is about unifying people in advocacy, education, and population-level research as one large international community. As individual communities, we make a difference locally. As a global community, we create something unprecedented.”

Globe-athon’s focus on research, education, and advocacy means they can impact those directly affected by women’s cancers, especially in underserved communities.

How Globe-athon Furthers Research

Globe-athon’s research focuses on those who matter most, patients and their families. Unlike many foundations that raise funds to support research grants, Globe-athon supports the creation of gynecological cancer registries like the Ovarian Cancer Registry and the Uterine Cancer Registry, which focus on collection of patient reported outcomes (like diet, activity, and stress) that can influence a patient’s cancer-related prognosis.

These registries are a way to securely collect patient information in order to drive rapid advancements in research and treatment. Research using this data is most likely to produce clinically significant results, which is why Globe-athon urges patients to sign up.

Globe-athon believes that these registries will support and advance “research, outcomes, and survivorship through inclusion of diversity and experience.” The more patients submit data, the more effective these registries will be to researchers. Treatment efficacy depends on it.

Dr. Maxwell and his network of practitioners and researchers also regularly present lectures on the latest research and treatment techniques in front of esteemed audiences including the United Nations.

How Globe-athon Educates and Advocates for Patients and Their Support Systems

Dr. Maxwell has also seen the importance of encouraging women to take care of themselves first. Early detection is integral for gynecological cancers, but many women are so focused on those they love that they don’t take the time to address symptoms until they’ve developed into something far more serious.

“We've got to give women knowledge through education and outreach. We've got to call them to action by being engaged, and through that we empower them in overcoming this health care problem that has been difficult in some social and cultural settings to make well known,” says Dr. Maxwell. “And through that, we'll be able to have a change in the adverse outcomes associated with this worsening cancer.

Globe-athon strives to empower women to value their health and provides resources they need to find knowledge, providers, and treatment. The organization supports this empowerment through events across the globe, including:

Walk/Run to End Women’s Cancers - Raises funds and increases awareness among communities. Participants enjoy the camaraderie while supporting those in their community that have been diagnosed with gynecological cancers.

Local Seminars and Lectures - Provide up-to-date information on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. By partnering with experts in the field, they can empower women to take the first step towards a healthier future.

Documentary Screenings - No Evidence of Disease follows the story of six gynecologic oncologists who form a rock band to raise awareness about the disease. This fabulous documentary has won two awards and continues to sell-out screenings across the country.

Music and Dance Performances - Globe-athon strives to create engaging events with which communities will passionately engage. These music and dance performances are paired with educational sessions to share the important message about early diagnosis and other risk factors.

Gynecological cancers are a growing risk among women, and we believe that research, empowerment, and education are the key to reducing risk and finding a cure. Dr. Maxwell and the rest of the leaders at Globe-athon are doing an exceptional job providing the resources for these at-risk women and their families.

Down Etc is a proud supporter of Dr. Maxwell and his superb work with Globe-athon. We’re honored to join the fight by developing the Opal Wash™ Face Cloth. Designed in a beautifully distinctive Globe-athon purple, a percentage from every purchase supports Globe-athon’s mission to advocate on behalf of patients, educate communities, and support researchers advancing a cure.

A gentle solution for healthy skin, The Opal Wash™ is an ultra-soft face cloth that removes tough makeup and daily grime with water alone or in combination with your personal cleanser. Purchase today and help make a difference for those fighting women’s cancers.

Updated Links August 1, 2022

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