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With this uptick in people traveling by car, the chance for traffic and extra hours trapped in the car are huge.  However, if you are fortunate enough to be the person who does not have to drive, the best way to pass time in the car is to sleep.  Plus the extra sleep in the car will give you the boosted patience you need when having to deal with annoying family members.

Sleeping in the car can be tough; car seats are not exactly a large comfortable bed that promotes sleep.  However, there are a few things you can do to try to make things more comfortable.  Keep a warm blanket with you in the car.  The blanket will not only keep you warm, but also will  give you that sense of comfort that you are in a bed.  Bring things that remind you of being in bed.  If you read before bed, take a book or listen to music.  We forget how loud is it driving between people talking and the other cars on the road, all the noise is not exactly helpful for trying to sleep.  Bringing noise cancelling headphones or disposable ear plugs can go a long way toward creating a quiet sleep atmosphere. 

Most critical for sleeping in the car is the perfect travel pillow.  Luckily, you are in the right place and Down Etc has a variety of travel pillows that are easily packed away, but will still provide you the same comfort as a regular pillow.  Our Head Heaven® Travel  Pillow in a Knapsack is a down pillow that comes with a drawstring knapsack that makes it easy to throw over your shoulder or tie to your luggage.  Add the Eyes Down™ Eye Mask to block out the light and you are all ready to get some shut eye on your long ride. 

Head Heaven Travel Pillows in 3 colors

Updated Links July 31, 2022

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