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Eleven Sheeting Lines Makes One Phenomenal Sheet Collection

Our sheets grace the beds of 4 and 5-star hotels around the world. Ring in the new year with new sheets that will let you sleep like a guest.

Our Sheet Collection has the perfect sheet set for every sleeper and we’ve made things simple. You can select a prepackaged Sheet Set (flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases) or Sheet Set with Duvet from any one of our eleven lines, or you can create your own set by mixing and matching individual items from several lines. Consider these factors to select the perfect sheets for the new year. If you have any questions, contact the Team at Down Etc. 

Sheet Size Matters

Practical matters come first. Your sheets need to fit your bed. There is nothing worse than a fitted sheet that rolls up at the corners and comes undone when you lay on your bed or a flat sheet that is too short and pulls out, leaving your feet to freeze.

It’s not enough these days to know whether you have a twin, full, or king-size mattress. With pillow top mattresses and other features, the dimensions of your bed could end up being far from standard size. You might need deep-pocket fitted sheets to ensure that the corners do not pop off or you might want to go up a size with your flat sheets to get extra length or width for tucking. Luckily, you can pick the right sheet for the right fit every time when you know the dimensions of your mattress. We have provided product dimensions for all our sheeting products. Measure the length, width, and depth of your mattress to select the perfect size sheets.

The Feel of the Sheet

You’ll want your sheets to feel nice against your skin. That feel depends upon the material, thread count, and weave of the sheets. Cotton is a natural material that breathes so it releases heat, which is why the sheets in Down Etc's Sheet Collection are made from 100% cotton.

A higher thread count, up to a certain point, is generally preferable; however, the weave will affect the feel and durability of the fabric, as well. A percale sheet has a crisp feel as a result of its one over and one under weave.  A sateen weave floats the horizontal yarns (weft yarns) over more than one vertical yarn (warp yarn) creating a silkier and smoother surface with a greater sheen. The majority of Down Etc’s sheeting lines utilize a sateen weave.

Why You May Prefer White Sheets

White is synonymous with luxury, which is why many hotels choose white sheets for their rooms. In the late 1980s, a study revealed that guests preferred white sheets because they provided a sense of well-being and hygiene. Until then, many hotel owners had used colorful sheets as it was easier to hide stains.

Even with stains, white sheets are easier to clean. Bleach is a powerful stain remover; however, unless you are using color-safe bleach, it can only be used with white sheets. For best results, add a ½ cup of regular bleach to wash water after the detergent, but before adding the white bedding. Once the wash cycle begins, add the bedding to the wash water with the bleach. If you use a front-loading washing machine, add the bleach to the laundry drawer in the designated area. Make sure to avoid filling above the max line. Whatever the stain, you can be confident that bleach will remove it so your sheets will remain fresh and clean for years. Wash your linens together and separately from towels and other laundry for maximum efficiency.

Are You Looking for Eco-friendly? Join Down Etc on the Journey from Seed to Sleep™

The D.O.E. Down on Earth Collection contains everything you need to enjoy the comfort of luxurious bedding in a healthy and socially responsible way. From comforters containing 100% natural and hypoallergenic down and feather fill to slippers made from organic fibers and recycled foam, we have searched the world for the healthiest and most sustainable products and processes so we can provide you with the quality bedding and amenities to which you are accustomed in the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly way possible.

The fabric used in our D.O.E Down on Earth Organic Cotton Sheet Sets is made with certified organic cotton woven in percale, jacquard, mattelasse, patterned, and knit styles. We sleep better knowing we are doing what we can to take care of the environment while offering you luxurious products aimed at providing a great night’s sleep™. Whether you are looking to take the first step or continuing a tradition of using healthy and sustainable products, we are here to help.  Join us on the journey to conscious luxury from seed to sleep™.

Making the Bed with Down Etc

After years of working with housekeepers in the finest hotels around the world, Down Etc has written the book on making your bed. Check out Down Etc’s, Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed: All You Need to Know About the Art of Bedmaking, available on the Down Etc website. Learn all you will need to know about selecting and maintaining your bedding, including the proper way to make a hospital corner and “once around bedmaking,” the technique used by housekeepers to change sheets efficiently. Since sheets should rest between washing and being placed back on the bed, you will likely face the dreaded task of folding a fitted sheet. We were directed to Martha Stewart’s example by housekeepers we trust.

We wish you a great night’s sleep in your new sheets!


Updated July 31, 2022

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