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Knowledge is Power! That’s why Rebecca Litwin, the founder of Down Etc, has written Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed. After years of accumulating knowledge from experts in the hospitality industry, she has put what she has learned into writing. This book is aimed at the workers around the world who make beds every day for a living, as well as for the homemakers who make beds every day for their families.

Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed is broken into twelve chapters with a few extras and a handy glossary of terms at the back. The first eight chapters address elements of the bed from the bottom up, bedframe to comforter cover. The book continues with chapters devoted to elements of a perfectly made bed that may not be instantly apparent when you look at the bed from the way in which the sheets should be laundered to the manner in which you should change sheets to protect your back. You can read Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed straight through from cover to cover or you can search the table of contents for the elements that interest you.

Rebecca firmly believes a great night’s sleep is the best medicine for the tired body, soul, and mind and a wonderful bed is central to getting a great night’s sleep. The requirements for the bed are particularly stringent for those in the hospitality industry, where there are standards of cleanliness and order that must be met. At home, you have the choice of making your own bed however you like, in whatever way works best for you. A perfectly made bed is not necessary for a great night’s sleep—though she shares some tips for making the perfect bed that will certainly improve the quality of your sleep. She hopes the lessons in this book will make life a little easier and a great night’s sleep a reality for everyone. When you’ve finished reading, not only will you have the information necessary to create a bedroom sanctuary at home, you will know what you should expect from a hotel guestroom when you are away. Whether you are a room attendant, a housekeeper, or simply someone interested in the intricate art of bed making, join Rebecca on this journey toward making a perfect bed for your guests, your loved ones, and yourself.

The book can be purchased here.

Updated August 2, 2022

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