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Good morning! Wake up, but don’t get out of bed yet. After a great night’s sleep on your favorite Down Etc pillow, ease yourself into another hectic day with Pillowcise™, a gentle series of stretches designed to be done before you get out of bed.

The stretches begin with the Head Tilt and Hand Clap, which can be done before removing your covers. The final Knee Raise gets you ready to stand up and begin your day, relaxed and energized. In between, a variety of stretches you can do with nothing more than the pillow on your bed.

Stretching can warm up the body to eliminate morning aches and pains, improve posture, and increase blood flow and energy throughout the day. Pillowcise™ stretches are simple and intended to be a gentle way to wake up. They can be varied according to your needs. You can choose which work for you and the pace at which you perform them. Take a look at the video we have created to welcome you to the world of Pillowcise™.


Keep Pillowcise™ on hand by emailing or calling Down Etc to request a laminated guide be sent to you free of charge. Get the most out of your night by sleeping with Down Etc and the most out of your day by waking with Pillowcise™.

Updated Links August 2, 2022

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