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New Year. New Bedding. New You.

As the calendar turns from one year to the next, millions pledge to live a better life in the coming year. But did you know that by mid-February, a majority of New Year’s resolutions are already broken and cast aside? Don’t lose momentum on the important goals you set for yourself this year. With focused effort and living intentionally anything is possible.

Below are some of our favorite resolutions, along with tips to help you achieve your goals and live your best year in 2023.

Travel – Travel opens the mind and encourages creativity. Purchasing experiences and activities, such as travel, has been proven to provide more satisfaction and more fulfillment than purchasing physical goods. Make 2023 the year you explore – your hometown, cities across the U.S. and maybe even that adventure abroad you’ve been wanting to cross off your bucket list.

Before hitting the open road, remember one of the keys to truly enjoying your travel experience is being able to maintain a healthy sleep schedule no matter where you may roam. Prior to heading out for your next weekend getaway or multi-week escape, check out our 6 tips for sleeping better while travel.

Fitness – Getting healthy is an annual resolution made by millions across the country. According to research, over 80% of new gym goers end up quitting their new found healthy habits by mid-February. Remember achieving fitness and health goals is not a sprint; it is a lifestyle. Set realistic goals that take into consideration your lifestyle, commitments, and other priorities. Starting with 10-20 minutes of moderate exercise is enough to make a healthy difference in your life – and will help you sleep better at night.

Mindfulness – The frantic pace of life today can lead to anxiety, depression, moodiness or just the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed. Many business leaders, parents, athletes, and others are turning to mindfulness practices to process life’s big, and little, surprises. If you are interested in beginning a mindfulness journey we encourage you to check out our piece, Yoga and Mindfulness, as well as a simple 5-minute mindfulness exercise you can perform prior to bed.

Reading – Charlie Tremendous Jones once said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” A common goal is to read more; unfortunately studies show that 25% of the adult population did not read a single book last year. Reading non-fiction provides fresh insights into a variety of topics and helps you develop and grow as a professional, a parent, and a person or assists you in acquiring a new hobby or skill. Another benefit is that reading a good fiction book before bed helps you unplug from the word, disconnect from your electronic devices, and slows the mind and body in preparation for a great night’s sleep. 

Bedding  The start of a new year is the time to turn the calendar as well as turn over old habits and exchange them for new resolutions - including improving your sleep. Getting a better night's sleep allows you to live a more balanced, productive, and fulfilled life. For more information on updating your bedding, we encourage you to check out our piece on Choosing the Perfect Pillow

Sleep – Sleep is key to accomplishing a lot of the big goals and milestones in our lives. Having a strong and healthy sleep life allows us to approach the other areas of our life – work, home, social, spiritual, physical, and financial – with a mental clarity and precision that would not be possible without enough sleep. If one of your goals is to sleep more or improve your sleep habits, below are a few tips to get better sleep in 2023.

  • Establish a sleep routine - focus on creating positive pre-bed and wake-up habits year around  
  • Get enough shut eye, don’t skimp on sleep just because you’re traveling or watching your favorite football team 
  • Exercise to get your mind and body rejuvenated 
  • Limit caffeine and other stimulates 
  • Turn off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed, pickup a paper book, we recommend a good fiction piece

Living on purpose, our team is here to help you get a great night’s sleep

Our purpose at Down Etc is helping you have a great night’s sleep. We believe that a healthy sleep life is the foundation to living a full and meaningful life. In fact, many of the resolutions you set, and the ones we outlined above, are easier to accomplish when approached from a well-rested, mentally clear state.

Our team is here to help you achieve your sleep goals and lay the foundation for success, happiness, and health in the other areas of your life. Here’s to a great, and well rested, 2023!

Originally posted December 23, 2018; Updated for accuracy August 1, 2022

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