“Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation has a significant effect on mood. … subjects who were limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep a night for one week reported feeling more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted. When the subjects resumed normal sleep, they reported a dramatic improvement in mood.” Sleep affects your moods.  It’s something we knew, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by the experts at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. One of their recommendations for improving your sleep is the creation of a comfortable sleep environment.  That’s where Down Etc can help.

Create an Environment Conducive to Sleeping  

The good news for many people suffering from a sleep deficit is that it is possible to create an environment conducive to better rest. Generally speaking, you should take pains to purchase a box spring and mattress, linens, and pillows that will provide a comfortable sleeping space.

The right sleeping pillow is key to a great night’s sleep.  If you suffer from allergies, consider your old pillow as a possible source.  Purchase a new pillow and cover it with a pillow encasement  to protect it from contaminants.  It’s much easier to remove a pillow encasement for laundering than it is to launder a pillow.  Keep all of your bedding clean and tidy to ensure a safe and healthy sleep environment. If you are a snorer, look for a sleeping pillow with sufficient loft to raise your head the recommended 4”. Consider a pillow with a scented feature or aromatherapy sachet. Scents such as lavender and chamomile have been found to be relaxing and conducive to sleep.  

Remove distractions like a television and mobile devices that only serve to keep your mind active. Dim lighting for pre-sleep rituals is also advisable, as are blackout shades or, alternatively, a sleep mask that can offer complete darkness. 

For assistance in selecting the perfect sleeping pillow or any other component of your bedding, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our Pillow Butler Program. Our goal is to help you to focus on yourself and your sleep environment so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep.

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