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Hair fashions for both men and women have changed throughout history. The oldest known depiction of hair styling is hair braiding dating back 30,000 years. From the time of the Roman Empire until the Middle Ages, women grew their hair as long as it would grow. European men wore their hair shoulder length until the 17th century when men’s hairstyle grew longer with curls and waves. In Hair: Fashion and Fantasy, legendary hairstylist Laurent Philippon chronicled the history of hair styles, from the Mohawk to the conk to Farrah’s feathery layers.

Hair fashion trends have sped up along with the growth of social media. We can watch our favorite celebrities as they change their hair from day to day. Even during the pandemic, they are changing things up while staying at home. Ruby Rose has gone for a buzz cut while Elle Fanning has gone from blonde to peachy-pink. More than a few celebrities are letting the gray shine through while separated from their stylists.

No matter the style, celebrities, as well as those of us who follow them, want healthy hair.  At Down Etc, we go one step further and recommend treating your skin and hair WITH luxury fabrics, including our silk towels and pillowcases.

Rough towels can contribute to breakage, tangling, and flyways. That’s why we recommend Wash Me Tender™ Organic Cotton and Silk Towel Sets. The natural non-dyed toweling is perfect for sensitive, damaged, or newborn hair. It is also eco-friendly. A favorite of our spa clients, this towel set includes a mitt, wash cloth, and head towel, and comes in a jersey drawstring bag with a drawcord and a wood bead trim with an instructional hang tag. In addition, Down Etc includes a soothing gel pack to cool irritated skin, treat injuries, and reduce inflammation and swelling through the use of natural cold therapy. This ultra-soft toweling is perfect for sensitive skin, too.

For a gentle way to hold back your hair during your nightly routine, we designed our Spa Headband and Heart Twist™ Spa Head Wrap as part of the Taurus Mountain Collection. These headbands and wraps are crafted in our proprietary super-absorbent Absorb8® textile technology, an all-in-one fabric composed of cotton terry on the inside and plush polyester on the outside. The Spa Head Band has a Velcro closure while the Heart Twist™ has an elastic fabric loop in the back for tucking.

To protect your style and to keep your hair from breaking while you sleep, we recommend the Tiara Silks® Pillowcase. Silk is prescribed for people who care about their skin and hair. The pillowcase is made of whisper-soft silk charmeuse and bordered with a generous 2" flange. It comes with a beautifully packaged organza sachet filled with premium aromatherapeutic lavender potpourri that tucks neatly into a hidden pocket inside the pillowcase. The pillowcase folds neatly into a color coordinated cut velvet fabric bag. It is the perfect gift to give yourself or someone else who cares about their hair and skin.

Whatever the style, protect the wonder of your hair by letting Down Etc help you to take care of it!

Updated July 31, 2022

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