This Valentine’s Day, go to bed with Down Etc and your favorite romantic novel, movie, story, or podcast to wake up with a smile, and no regrets. Whether you’re looking for something to carry you away or to set the mood for a romantic evening, there is something for you. Scanning our shelves and the many “favorites” lists available online, we have compiled a set of romantic resources for you (and your loved one) to spend the evening in bed with Down Etc.

Make Your Choice or Choices

Novels: Check out BookBub’s “13 Love Stories to Read this Valentine’s Day." Whether you like your romance in short stories such as Junot Diaz’s collection in This Is How You Lose Her or thrillers or magic such as that contained in Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, you will find something on this list.

Novels Made Into Movies: Take a look at Time’s “17 Classic Love Stories to Curl Up with on Valentine’s Day." Whether you tend toward love stories set in Edwardian England, during World War II, or the present day, this list offers timeless stories, most of which have been made into movies, some more than once.

Internet: If you like stories short and sweet, peruse Cosmopolitan’s “The Most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Stories on the Internet."

Podcasts: If you want the lights off while you listen, pick from NPR’s “A Podcast Playlist for All Those Looking for Love (Stories)."

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Set the Stage for Your Evening in Bed

Before you pick your romantic story, be sure to set the scene for the evening with brand new pillows, soft linens, and a toasty warm comforter. A box of chocolates and a glass of wine. It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

Start with fluffy All White Goose Down Pillows, our softest option. If you plan to sit up in bed to read your favorite novel or watch your favorite romantic movie, consider Down Etc’s Rhapsody Wrap in which we surround a firm core of supportive goose feathers with fluffy goose down. For this special occasion, you might want to choose an Aromatherapy Pillow from Down Etc’s Spice Collection, a feather and down pillow inserted in a polyester Dupioni case with a hidden pocket holding a lavender sachet. The soothing scent of the spa at home while you relax.

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No One Pillow Can Do It All

Just like there are different stories for different feelings, different pillows meet different needs. Broaden your pillow horizons to meet all those needs by considering a variety of pillows. Fine hotels have adopted Down Etc’s idea of the Pillow Butler® by offering guests a variety of pillows to meet their every and immediate pillow need. You can similarly keep on hand a variety of sleeping and special pillows. Remember to protect all of your pillows with Down Etc’s Essential Cotton Pillow Protectors so they stay fresh and last longer.

Have a Heart

For a special treat with no calories, share Down Etc's Hug It Like You Love It! decorative heart pillows with your loved ones.  In fuchsia, purple, and red, this heart makes a great accent for your bed, settee, or favorite chair. It is made of 100% poly dupioni with feather and down fill. If you like to go big, we offer the Giant Heart Pillow. It’s 36” of huggable comfort.

Whichever story you choose, we love the idea of enjoying it with you in a comfy bed with gorgeous bedding. Let us know your favorite story, the one that made you Wake Up with a Smile on Down Etc bedding!

Updated Links August 1, 2022