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There are plenty of things you get used to when you share a home with your significant other. There are even more once you introduce children and pets into the equation.

Once you introduce children, you will want to be sure to protect your mattress with both a mattress encasement and mattress pad.  These foundation pieces will protect the mattress from spills and night-time accidents. You’ll want to continue to invest in high quality sheeting since small children can be sensitive to chemicals in the environment and temperature shifts. Cotton is naturally absorbent, and stays cool. Keep it white since white is more easily bleached in the event of accidents. A down comforter in the right weight for the climate you are in will keep children comfortable. A cotton comforter protector is a worthwhile investment as it is easier to remove and wash than an entire comforter. A cotton pillow protector is a similar necessity when sweaty little heads will be coming into contact with your pillows.

There is some debate about whether or not you should let your pets share your bed. If you have cats, you're out of luck - they go where they want and they will return, no matter how many times you give them the boot. Dogs are more trainable when it comes to climbing on furniture, but if you feel like you want to welcome your furry friends to sleep with you, it's certainly your choice to make. However, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration when you start allowing your pets up onto your bed and into your sleeping routine.

Even if you have a king size bed, your pets may not respect boundaries. After all, they want to be close to you, either for comfort or for more practical reasons like leeching your body heat. You can combat this in a couple of ways. One option is to place a blanket or, even better, on of Down Etc's Doggie Down® Waterproof Dog Pads on top of your covers. You can then try to train your pets to sleep in their own spot. If this doesn't work, you could use extra pillows (either standard sizes and shapes or body pillows) to form a barrier between you and your pets. They may still try to climb over to get to you, but if you can get your pets to settle on the other side of your pillow partition, you're bound to sleep better.

You and your kids can suffer from a variety of allergies related to bedding caused by the dust, mites, and dander from pets that can collect over time. The best thing you can do to combat potential allergens is to clean bedding frequently. An investment in mattress and pillow encasements, mattress pads, and comforter and pillow protectors will bring a speedy return.  A waterproof mattress pad is a necessity to protect your mattress from spills and accidents. It is much easier to wash an encasement, pad, or protector than the item itself.  Nonetheless, if your pillows are seeing a lot of action, you will want to replace them as often as every six months. In addition, you could opt for organic bedding options. Without the chemical processing that some textiles undergo, such products are less likely to cause problems for those with sensitive skin and/or allergies, including pets. You should select bedding options that can be washed and bleached easily. Natural fibers like cotton will provide less static and not draw shedding as much. They will also keep your pet cooler as they are more breathable.

Updated August 2, 2022


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