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The days are slowly starting to get shorter, kids are going back to school, and the kickoff of football season is nearing. Alas, summer is winding down... but don't let the last fond memories of summer slip through your fingers! Embrace and pursue a memorable close to this season; go out and enjoy an Endless Summer. 

An Endless Summer is one full of experiences, memories, rest, and relaxation. With Labor Day quickly approaching, we hear from a lot of our friends that it is becoming more difficult to squeeze in summer adventures, but that does not have to be the case. There are plenty of experiences to enjoy that fit into smaller time periods such as weeknights, weekends, and the occasional three-day weekend.

Here are some suggestions from our team members, family, and friends on how to get the most out of the last days of summer.

Take a spin around a local car show – A car show is a great chance to explore the local community, see some awesome cars, and meet new people. Car buffs are passionate about their hobby and love to talk about their collection. So even if you’re not a gear-head, there is a ton to learn, a lot of cool cars to admire, and even more interesting people to connect with.

Explore local art and museums – Art is all around us. From eclectic street art to local fine art museums, there are a lot of opportunities to recharge your creativity and refresh your perspective. Call a friend, load up the kids, or head out on your own to find inspiration and renew your energy through the creative lens of local artists.

Plug into live music – Similar to art, music refuels the soul and improves creativity and mental clarity. Explore local downtown areas, coffee shops, microbreweries, and parks to discover great live music in the final days of summer.

Dog days of summer – Playing with dogs is a good way to get exercise and unplug. Dogs embody happiness and pure joy. From taking a walk to playing fetch, you can’t be around a dog without having a smile on your face. Don’t have a pup? No worries. Check out a local animal shelter or rescue agency. These groups are always looking for volunteers. It’ll do you and the pups a world of good.

Take a hike to discover nature and much more – Physical activity and exercise has tremendous health benefits including improving the cardiovascular system, maintaining a healthy weight, as well as improving mental health. Find a local park, trail, or head to the beach to break a sweat and escape from the stressors of life. An added benefit is that regular exercise helps you get a better night’s sleep – and that’s a benefit we will take a lap for.

Chase the sun, pursue relaxation and above all be sure to enjoy this Endless Summer down to its last days! As you wind down the summer, be sure to check out our tips for sleeping well even during the summer months. Have a Labor Day weekend trip planned? Don’t feel like you have to leave a great night’s sleep at home. Learn how to get a great night’s sleep even while on the road.

Updated Links August 3, 2022

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